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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

This Female Vocalist Proves Anderson Still Has So Much Untapped Talent. (Year End Exclusive)

How time fly’s folks and so many things change in a year or as I have coined the phrase “old schoolers get old, but true schoolers just get better with age.” Another, twelve-month calendar year will soon be coming to a close in just under a week, but before it does I’d like to direct your attention to a young, bright and talented young woman from the A.N.D. (city of Anderson) that flew underneath the radar this year. Her name is Kerri Simmons and she is a proud graduate of the University of South Carolina of whom at present currently resides in the metro-Atlanta area. She is the prodigy daughter of Bernard Simmons and Cassandra Ford and I’ve personally observe her gradually come into her own over the years as most millennial's often do during this learning experiment we refer to as life.

It is imperative that we intelligent grown folks seek to encourage our youth who are attempting to pursue their dreams. We never can gauge how the right positive words, at the right time can reinforce aspiring impressionable souls to continue persevering for success.   

There are so many pitfalls today’s youth fall victim too such as drugs, felonious activities, alcoholism, reckless financial decisions made early in life just to name a few. Which brings me to the moment when my ears first heard Kerri’s voice on a cover tune of this popular song titled Slide” by Calvin Harris. A superbly reproduced interpolation project of the original, masterminded by her producer Ricky Tafolla, with added vocalization by Pat X.

Both Mr. Tafolla and Pat X are featured in the video. Being deeply rooted in the A.N.D. entertainment community for decades either in a recording capacity or whether Dj-ing shows. I have watched a lot of talented people from my city that never really received any notoriety. They came, contributed and left many never venerated. This was the main motivation to launch such a site in order to spot-light talented others from the urban Anderson area just like Kerri Simmons. Watch her debut video and let us know what you think folks. Show her some love and support, plus to the many others who aspire to achieve something of value with their life while keeping it positive in such a negative very hate filled world at the moment. Reporting Live da A.N.D. Representa

You can contact her @

IG: kerikerrikerrie
FB: Kerri Simmons

Dj Tuc is a well known legendary respected ground breaking dj, producer, promoter, remixologist, writer, freelance photographer, emcee,businessman from the city of Anderson,SC and is the founder and publisher of the website and djtuc999 the mobile apps which are available on Google Play  and the Apple app store also visit our Official facebook page at Facebook/ and djtuc999TheMobileApp Dj Mix Podcast now available in the iTunes Store.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Local Comics Set The Stage a Blaze In da A.N.D..(Must See Video)

It was a cold wintry night outside on Dec 15, 2017, but on the inside of Anderson's popular Smokeshak Restaurant & Grill the stage was hot! I had the honor and privilege  of Djing a Def Comedy Jam styled comedy show hosted by Robyn Scott which featured a talented cast of local stand-up comedians..Here are just a few clips I was able to capture from a birds-eye stage view I was privy to in between a couple of sets.

This clip is not all of the great comedians who graced the stage  that evening only a few that I was able to shoot between dj-ing. The Smokeshak crew and staff is attempting to bring fresh talent, good food, a safe and entertaining  environment back to the city. They made me feel welcomed and so did all the comics not to mention the audience was all the way live folks! I tip my hat to the whole Smokeshak staff & crew for bringing forth something so sorely missing here in the entertainment sector of the A.N.D. Good Job Melvin and Stormy hopefully others will follow your lead..

Watch the clips below folks!

Peace da A.N.D. Represeta Dj Tuc

Dj Tuc is a well known legendary respected ground breaking dj, producer, promoter, remixologist, writer, freelance photographer, emcee,businessman from the city of Anderson,SC and is the founder and publisher of the website and djtuc999 the mobile apps which are available on Google Play  and the Apple app store also visit our Official facebook page at Facebook/ and djtuc999TheMobileApp Dj Mix Podcast now available in the iTunes Store.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Anderson Radio DJ Legend Uses His Golden Voice To Bring Awareness To Diabetes.....

Original article written and produced by Mike Ellis of the 
Anderson IndependentMail published  11/3/17. I did not write any portion of this
article nor do I claim  credit or intentionally intend any 
plagiarism or infringement of their copy-rights.  It is re-posted here in order 
to help further reach, teach, educate, inspire and inform the
Urban community of Anderson about diabetes that visit this site.   
Sincerly Dj Tuc Chief Webmaster.

He had diabetes. Surprise.
He was born with only one kidney. Surprise.
Ten days later, he was out and had another surprise. He’s embracing it.
“The thing I’m going to be is a drum major for diabetes,” Jones said.
A disc jockey, Jones spins old-school R&B under the name of Sir Jones on
weekday nights on 95.3 FM. He's one of at least 28,000 South Carolinians each
 year who learn they have diabetes. About one in seven adults in the state —
roughly 14 million people — have diabetes. And Jones didn’t just have it, he had it bad.

  • Jones went into AnMed Health Medical Center’s emergency room in early October with blood sugar levels of 1,187 mg/dl. A level of 100 is a good target for someone with diabetes.
  • His blood glucose test was around 23; a normal level would be below 5.7 and a 6.5 indicates diabetes, according to the Mayo Clinic.
AnMed Health emergency room physician Dr. Kimberly King said Jones’ numbers were jaw dropping.
“By far the highest I’ve ever seen,” she said of his blood glucose test. “I didn’t realize the test would go that high. And he was just sitting there making jokes, so normal.”
Jones, who has type 2 diabetes, was an extreme case, said Dr. Zafar Hossain, an AnMed Health internist who also treated Jones.
 “I was supposed to be dead in other words,” Jones said.
Jones agreed to let his doctors discuss his case to help bring attention to diabetes in Anderson and other communities.
Hossain said Jones had a number of health problems he didn’t even realize. Long term high blood sugar levels had put pressure on his organs, and the complications required surgeries to relieve urinary tract issues and other problems.
“The moral of the story is to seek help, go to a medical professional intermittingly and seek corrective treatment,” Hossain said.

How Jones learned he had diabetes

During his nightly radio gigs in late September, Jones couldn’t keep himself together.
“I was feeling weak and nauseous,” he said. “I had to keep turning the mic off. When I got ready to talk, I’d get emotional. If I forced myself, I would hear my voice tremble. It’d go out on the airwaves.”

His wife Lugenia Jones, known on the air as Star-Child’s, took over when he couldn’t talk. She’d deliver the station ID and the names of the songs while her husband worked the equipment.
Jones thought he just needed to detox a bit so he made a home concoction with honey.
All that extra sugar was just the wrong thing. It was the last straw.
He had inflammation in his leg and was having urinary problems. The most serious problems, however, were internal.
 “I’m laying there like an exhibit, doctors and nurses coming in to see me,” he said. “According to their scientific understandings, I shouldn’t have been alive.”

What Sir Jones can teach us

It’s not unusual for patients to come in with diabetes-related problems, problems they could have addressed earlier with a visit to a primary doctor or provider before it became unavoidable, said King, the emergency room doctor.
“It’s devastating to see someone who’s had diabetes for a long time but didn’t know it,” she said. “It is notorious for hurting blood vessels.”
The internal damage can hurt kidneys, the nervous system and lead to vision problems.
The symptoms are often minor: Extra thirst and urination are the most common signs, King said. Other symptoms include extreme hunger, weight gain, fatigue, numbness or tingling in hands or feet, wounds that won’t heal, vaginal infections, sexual problems, and blurry vision, according to the American Diabetes Association. Men are historically more reluctant to seek medical attention and that has led to shorter lives for men than women, the association says. Black men, like Jones, are especially vulnerable, according to the American Diabetes Association.
Hossain said he sees the same pattern locally.
“We have a bunch of people in our community with a number of serious health problems and diseases. Diabetes is a big one,” he said. “If these diseases, and certainly diabetes, are caught earlier it can save lives. It may not cause you any pain until you’re way down the line. If we catch it early on, it can maybe be diet and exercise and monitoring. As it progresses, you may need to take tablets. And if it progresses, you’ll need some type of insulin injection.”

Jones said he’s going to continue to be a drum major for diabetes, sounding the alarm and encouraging people to get tested.
The old-school R&B disc jockey said he’s been blasting some tunes that help: James Brown’s “I Feel Good” and McFadden & Whitehead’s “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now.”
“We need to be more conscience of our family members, ourselves and our girlfriends and wives,” Jones said. “Just don’t back away from it. It won’t go away by ignoring it. If I hadn’t seen someone, I might have ended up dead. I don’t want you to have a moment like Stevie Jones. Be the leader in your family, your group and at your job.”
Follow Mike Ellis on Twitter @MikeEllis_AIM
        Ways to reduce risk of diabetes
  • Quit smoking: 16 percent of diabetics smoke
  • Lose weight: 88 percent of diabetics were overweight or obese
  • Get active: 41 percent of diabetics were inactive or getting less than 10 minutes a week of moderate or vigorous activity
  • Eat healthier: diet is important to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels
Original Sir Jones article can be found here.. 

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Dj Tuc is a well known legendary respected ground breaking dj, producer, promoter, remixologist, writer, freelance photographer, emcee,businessman from the city of Anderson,SC and is the founder and publisher of the website and djtuc999 the mobile apps which are available on Google Play  and the Apple app store also visit our Official facebook page at Facebook/ and djtuc999TheMobileApp Dj Mix Podcast now available in the iTunes Store.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Has Fake Become The New Real-ness? .. You Decide!

Facebook Or Fakebook
Written, Conceived & Produced
By Dj Tuc

 The argument and mistakes of those claiming true and what to lookout for will be the theme of this piece. In light of various circumstances which maybe my ancestors seem to guide me through as I walk upon my spiritual path. Lately my third eye sees a lot of folks appear to have hurricane fever, no relation to Irma or Harvey. Destructive mentalities is the symbolism here. I observe so much negative distasteful conflict than positive within the digital social media ghetto network known as Facebook. 

I make that analogy because just like in most ghettos through out America, you find people who aspire to be actors, models, rappers, star athletes, hood superstars, religious lay ministers, Imams, or even Rabbi’s depending upon the city or circles we travel in. The same can be attributed to social media.  Add a laundry list of Dope Boy Magic flashing guns, mac daddy attention seeking player’s male and female, fork tongue duplicitous liars, so-called self help and marketing gurus and the list goes on & on like an Erykah Badu song I remember. Don’t get me wrong nothing is bad about setting goals and dreams that help encourage yourself or others to rise above life’s meager stumbling blocks regardless of external circumstances one is born into. But there must be solid strategy, a sound method to the madness. Why? Because if we fail to plan then we ultimately plan too fail.

Logo's of Social Ghetto's

When people ask my opinion I give my perspective based on experiences, evidence and sound reasoning from a point rooted in reality, not based on judgmental lower emotions. It appears in some twisted propagandized psychology, that Fake and disingenuous have become acceptable as the "New Real.'' Paradoxical in nature when you take a moment to think!  My social circle stays very small due to this very fact. Allow me to state my case with a couple of examples. We witness it all the time, people we love, family, friend’s etcetera ranting on social media about their belief in a particular brand of religion, GOD, JESUS, Yahweh, Allah against another whom would dare challenge their personal myopic religious opinion. I selected the term "opinion" purposefully because they have very little proof or confirmation of anything they live to die for.... or so they say. Good faithful folks battling one another over a doctrine that was passed down and taught to both since they were knee high. 

In most cases neither speaks nor translates the native language of his or her brand of faith only the English interpretation which was given them. A fruitless and futile pursuit but regardless at the end of the day what glares the most is they maintain plenty of faith but few facts. The blind leading the blind resulting in individuals claiming true, ever ready to argue, willing to die for something that possibly could be fake. So it’s safe to assess from this point just maybe some of these religious doctrines breed these fake close minded bias mentalities. Food for thought for the open minded right there.

If only some folks came with this sign..(Lol)

Another good example to cite is those special type individuals, that constantly repeat the familiar mantra as if mimicking that of a parrot, you guessed it” I always keep it Real or 100” they love to regurgitate with resounding glee in conversations with you. Forgetting to put you on notice, that in that very statement for some not all, it really translates as” I keep that facade only for the public, but in my private life I can be a dubious selfish narcissistic erratic person who is not to be trusted even in private. Reminds me of an old Dave Chappelle sketch referred to as “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” for those that use to watch the Chappelle Show remember it well. 

Again the balance is struck “Claiming True but in actuality more synthetic than GMO seedless watermelons and grapes. We can even observe lost ones masquerading behind the cloak of appearing as “well meaning” info warriors who slave vociferously in the bowels of social media hell thriving like demonic opportunist wielding itchy trigger click and share fingers awaiting to promulgate the next negro minded negative content served up. Such as ghetto fights, folks bussing off shots from Hi-Powered rifles like Draco’s and AR’s in the direction of every and anything except their oppressor, even young girls twerking in videos for the almighty dollar. Behavior purported as "Keeping it Real right?" Nope, just ignorance rooted in the Bi-Laws of fakeness once again. 

None of us are perfect will be the defense or excuse for not taking responsibility for our own actions affecting our communities as a whole.  Social media has inflamed this crippling epidemic I personally feel. You see now every Jim Brown slash Sista  Souljah sound alike, can soap box rant, espousing their baseless emotionally charged opinions appearing to the uninformed as right and exact knowledge, gifting and gabbing to infect tens if not thousands of gullible well meaning easily influenced  minds. Facts stand the test of time, but an accepted truth with a flawed foundation will crumble under simple questioning. We had best start to question some of these online self-appointed purveyors of greater understanding. For it is your barometer, the equalizer to employ when discerning fact from fiction, real from fake, because actions will reveal what the mouth may not. This is only for the sincerest diligent inquiring minds not for the sound good folks, meaning those easily duped because something "Sounds Good" to the ear.

Try Speaking face-to-face the old skool way.

 If we are to begin to cure ourselves of this rampant mental illness, we must start to put our issues and differences on the table then come together physically (commune) and discuss them utilizing strictly facts no political alternative correctness but not before we divest ourselves of our opinions, emotions, egos and defeatist attitudes. These aforementioned road blocks tend to taint the purity of mind and clear vision we seek to attain, that is if we really want the truth and nothing but truth. Social media is a great tool for promoting, marketing products, staying in touch with out-of- town family and or friends, I use it for the above mention things quite often. Remember ’its only a tool much like a book of matches which can be used to start a fire to help cook food, but dependent upon the user it can also be utilized to burn someone’s house down. The point is, its all in how we use it.

But what it is not good for, is being a substitute for settling disputes, debates, airing dirty laundry, resolving personal conflicts in an online open-air free-for-all forum. Complete with cheerleaders on both sides fueling and instigating the mayhem via the comment section. New technology does not equate to responsible mature behavior; in fact, it exacerbates just the opposite. We are not all going to agree in this new world of hi-speed propaganda and misinformation, let’s be honest, let’s be real. Most feel not the necessity to even take time to research enough to distinguish real news from fake news, see there’s the paradigm of fakeness and realness again. But we should be able to at least agree an elect to sit down face-to-face and civilly air out our grievances in private instead of defaming one another publicly. Serving only to reinforce negative stereotypes portrayed of the urban community daily and on T.V. with popular rated shows like “Empire”. This proposed independent observational fix is not foolproof, it would be asinine to infer such, but it just may be a good start and a viable workable solution to a wide spread ever pervasive looming issue called the FAKE-NESS!!!

If you are not apart of the solution, then you may be apart of the problem. THINK ON THAT!

As always any and all comments are welcomed below..

Peace Dj Tuc da Real-ness A.N.D. Representa aka Anpu

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Dj Tuc is a well known legendary respected ground breaking dj, producer, promoter, remixologist, writer, freelance photographer, emcee,businessman from the city of Anderson,SC and is the founder and publisher of the website and djtuc999 the mobile apps which are available on Google Play  and the Apple app store also visit our Official facebook page at Facebook/ and djtuc999TheMobileApp Dj Mix Podcast now available in the iTunes Store.

Monday, August 21, 2017

The State Of Sheba Foxx! --- Politics or Poli-Tricks?

Op-Ed written By Columnist Sheba Mekeda Foxx 
Co-produced by dj Tuc 

Hey It's your girl Sheba Foxx and I'm collaborating with DJtucc999 to help lead the awakening. I'm calling this series the Makeda Project!

...In this series, I will be giving you knowledge that will awaken you to the hallucinations we have been indoctrinated with. We will be starting with

Belief in government: Another Blind Religion

There are so many isms, it's hard to keep up with all of them. We hear about them and are divided by them every day. We are so blindly led into believing in something; for relief from our day to day problems and hope for better days. I'm not here to bash what anyone believes. That goes against the type of freedom I believe in. What I am here to do is to bring light to a belief system, many of us get caught up in and we don't even realize it. The belief that our government is here to help us with their laws and we're supposed to pay them our hard earned money.

Statism is the political system where the state has a substantial, centralized control over social and economic affairs. A statist is a person who believes in having a state. Personally, I am in control of my life and I don't need anyone's help keeping it that way. But as soon as I step out my door, into the public, I could possibly be a victim of my state. We see it everyday on the news and on social media, someone is being hauled off to jail or beaten or shot by a police officer, who is upholding the law, doing their job.

 So let's breakdown statism and make it more understandable. Statism requires force, divides people, encourages envy, rewards loyalty to the state, destroys success, seeks control of others, limits your options and results in suffering. So if this is the Statism Doctrine, why do we believe it is so good for us and our community? Because belief in government is faith based and an indoctrinated belief. And guess what? It doesn't make sense at all. It's a process of your assimilation (the process of becoming similar to something).

Government is the exercise of authority over a people or a place, the right to rule. Now most of you walk around and say God is my Ruler, but will participate in every ritual the politics put in place for you. Rituals? Yes Rituals!! I'll get back to that in a minute. So government is a religion? Let's see:

-The government has rights that mortals don't

-Isn't restricted by the rules that apply to mortals

-Issues commands & if you disobey, you're a sinner and must be punished

-The faithful and true believers have great faith in huge, bizarre rituals (elections, legislation, appointments etc)

They dress up in their suits and say "I represent government''. Yes I look human, but I have the rights of the government not the humans. So that means I can demand your money and boss you around and hurt you if you don't obey me, because I'm doing this for the Government." Sounds familiar, like when one of those crazy ass sociopaths, pulls off a mass shooting and says God told me to do it .

-The government has commandments, called laws; which are actually threats to humans and are decreed from something super human. So people bow to this deity, pray to and even goes through with the rituals with hopes of fixing the world. In all actuality they are turning your world upside down on a day to day basis.

Consent to be governed is fake. Break it down. Consent is voluntary, Governed is involuntary; you can't have both. It's like consenting to rape, it doesn't make sense, you can't consent to rape, even if you liked it it's still rape. The excuse the government uses is the, "We have the right to rule you because you decided we did, even if you didn't vote for us and even if you oppose everything we do to you." The government is doing things we don't have a right to do, bossing us around and taking our money. Try that with your neighbor, or in the streets and see how that turns out. So how can you give a right to someone else you don't have? How did congress get rights that you don't have?

Most people feel fear, discomfort and anxiety at the thought of disobeying authority. Because society measures your virtue by how well you handle authority. When in fact the belief in authority will lead anyone to advocate and do things they normally wouldn't do. Take the police for example. Not all are bad but there are definitely some bad apples in every department. But with power comes great responsibility and the police believe legislation gives them an exempt for morality. So when they do something bad they say, "hey I just enforce the law, I don't make them. So in other words I'm not responsible for my actions, I'm just a government tool. So don't blame me for my personal actions because I'm not really doing it for me, I'm doing it for the government." Basically they have permission to ignore their conscience.

Obedience is not a virtue, it is a hallucination of authority. If you can't trust people to do the right things for themselves, how dare you trust them to do the right thing for you. People are so thankful for the government and so terrified of the person standing next to them. But who's taken more of your money under threat of force and murdered and committed more crimes against private people? Private People or people acting under authority. The number of crimes committed by people in authority completely dwarfs murder committed by private people. Government is not legitimate. Its extortion, murder and lies.

So you say, "Well we cant do anything about it". Well yes you can, stop worshiping these crooks. Stop believing they can make your life and the world better while they are just plotting to own whatever part of your ass they don't own yet. Practice Self Ownership. Join me next time to find out how.

Follow Sheba Foxx on:
IG: @shebafoxx
Twitter: @shebafoxx210

Dj Tuc is a well known legendary respected ground breaking dj, producer, promoter, remixologist, writer, freelance photographer, emcee,businessman from the city of Anderson,SC and is the founder and publisher of the website and djtuc999 the mobile apps which are available on Google Play  and the Apple app store also visit our Official facebook page at Facebook/ and djtuc999TheMobileApp Dj Mix Podcast now available in the iTunes Store.

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Friday, August 4, 2017

EXCLUSIVE---What Dj From da A.N.D. Is Chillin With Legends Like Dj Jazzy Jeff?

djtuc999TheMobileApp Podcast Dj Mix Show is Now Live also in the iTunes Store..

If there ever was a guy to be labeled as an unsung Dj icon from Anderson who played a significant role in the earlier stages of my musical upbringing. 

This enigmatic guy by the name of N’gai Christopher Wardlaw comes to my mind immediately. Many are unaware of him and the powerful influence he made in my life and the hip hop comradery we shared as youths.  Good chemistry is a valuable asset in any situation, Job, friendship, relationship on forth into marriage so it is said. So why not in the area of music, entertainment, and Dj-ing right? During this introspective glimpse back into a pivotal moment of my life I share some insight inside this article on one of the A.N.D.’s top early talented and prolific Dj's that probably most are not familiar with. The Jam Master Dj Hi-Five hails originally from the West-side of the city of Anderson, straight off the hard knock block of Owen’s Dr. during the latter 80’s.
Jam Master Dj Hi-Five

We met by a strange twist of faith I guess some would say, please allow me to give a bit of context in order to give you an idea of how these turn of events would go on to manifest back then. The story goes as such! I would visit my beloved grandmother on the weekends, which as my past recollection would have it, she happened to be related to the Wardlaws of Owens Dr. on my Daddy’s side or vice versa. Forgive me folks if my memory appears to be somewhat clouded on this subject, you have to remember I was in my early teens during this time. But that’s not really important at the moment, but what is, is how Dj Hi-Five and M.C. ADE would eventually partner up and form. I would spend much time on that road due to the fact it was only two streets over from my grandmother’s house. N’gai and I drew on our family kinship initially only to find out in due time we both shared a deep love for this “Fly Girl” named hip-hop! Yeah that pun was intended yall, because that actually use to be the name of a hit record by a group referred to as the Boogie Boys. True story!

 Look it up because true skool heads KNOW, but I digress. We spent much time going back and forth to this dudes house who brought all the dope records, cloths, hats, B-Boy styles that nobody else would have back then. He made the dopest mixtapes on (TDK, BASF Chrome & Metal Tapes) and showed us the first pair of Technic 1200 turntables that our eyes had ever seen, I mean other than on music videos on T.V. folks. Yeah you laugh now, but back then that was the equivalent of seeing Justin Bieber shopping in the Anderson Mall. It just wasn’t the norm in those days. So who just was this mysterious and influential figure we looked up too? None other than the tall subdued colored Lee Jean suit, Kangol wearing renowned B-Boy mixologist from Dooley St.--- Dj ANDREW GOOSBY!! We love you bro.

Myself and Dj Andrew Goosby 2013

 Based on growing-up in a climate of Golden Era hip hop, listening to REAL cassette mixtapes this naturally intrigued and motivated us to attempt our hand at forming a rap duo. There shortly after in the womb of the hallowed halls of McDuffie High, the name Dj Hi-Five and  ADE was conceived. And how did I get my name as A.D.E. you may ask? By none other than my Miami Vice dressing classmate J.O. known as one Jamal Oliver.

 There it is, the short background version of how far we go back and again why it doesn’t bother me to have microphone in my hand or in front of my face at a show to this day. I’m not certain for sure but I think Christopher aka Hi-Five name was influenced and derived by a Classic Mantronix record called “Fresh Is the Word.” Don’t hold me too it, but he’ll surely correct me if I’m wrong.

Hey JM Five blame my mind not my heart as the popular saying goes. I remember him best for harboring that insatiable love of music, especially Hip Hop Culture, Dj-ing, and still today he carries a huge respect for the Emcee icons and Dj’s icons who help shape us with their influences from mixtapes to vinyl records, on into who we are today as Dj’s. Legends like Jam Master Jay, may he rest in paradise, The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff, Dj Cash Money, Dj Tat Money, Marley Marl, Dj Magic Mike and Dj Red Alert just to name a few. While he now resides on the other side of the planet in Japan and has since become a proud family man I will never underscore the instrumental role he played personally in my life even up to this day.

Hi Five poses with the Legend Dj Jazzy Jeff..

 Any and all success that I have achieved in part, is due to him being the first dude to push and entrust me with a mic in my hand since high school. His baby sister Tisha use to often distract and annoy us at his house during our practice sessions much like younger siblings are prone to do. All in all we both have some great memories to always reflect upon coming up as boys and growing into the men we have become today. It’s so surreal folks when I ponder the thought that a guy from the A.N.D. (Anderson, S.C.) that I came up musically with and still kool with, now is taking pictures and chills with one of the best known Dj’s on the entire planet. 

The rapper turned actor Will Smith knows him as Jeff Townes but we bought their records as The Fresh Prince and Dj Jazzy Jeff. Not bad for a Dj who originally came from Anderson. I must admit as a fellow Dj my brother Tuc is still so envious when I look at that pic of you and Jeff. Ha! Ha! Much continued success in everything you do, I cannot describe the huge part you played in that segment of my life, during those moments we shared coming up as teens. But atleast I can show you how much it meant by penning this article about you. Dj Hi Five the one from da A.N.D. who hangs out with Hip Hop legends, now that’s an achievement I celebrate with you.

Peace M.C. ADE aka Dj Tuc aka da A.N.D. Representa

Dj Tuc is a well known legendary respected ground breaking dj, producer, promoter, remixologist, writer, freelance photographer, emcee,businessman from the city of Anderson,SC and is the founder and publisher of the website and djtuc999 the mobile apps which are available on Google Play  and the Apple app store also visit our Official facebook page at Facebook/ and djtuc999TheMobileApp Podcast is now Live in the iTunes Store.