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This Female Vocalist Proves Anderson Still Has So Much Untapped Talent. (Year End Exclusive)

How time fly’s folks and so many things change in a year or as I have coined the phrase “ old schoolers get old, but true schoolers just get better with age .” Another, twelve-month calendar year will soon be coming to a close in just under a week, but before it does I’d like to direct your attention to a young, bright and talented young woman from the A.N.D. ( city of Anderson ) that flew underneath the radar this year. Her name is Kerri Simmons and she is a proud graduate of the University of South Carolina of whom at present currently resides in the metro-Atlanta area. She is the prodigy daughter of Bernard Simmons and Cassandra Ford and I’ve personally observe her gradually come into her own over the years as most millennial's often do during this learning experiment we refer to as life. It is imperative that we intelligent grown folks seek to encourage our youth who are attempting to pursue their dreams. We never can gauge how the right positive words,

Local Comics Set The Stage a Blaze In da A.N.D..(Must See Video)

It was a cold wintry night outside on Dec 15, 2017 , but on the inside of Anderson's popular Smokeshak Restaurant & Grill the stage was hot! I had the honor and privilege  of Djing a Def Comedy Jam styled comedy show hosted by Robyn Scott which featured a talented cast of local stand-up comedians..Here are just a few clips I was able to capture from a birds-eye stage view I was privy to in between a couple of sets. This clip is not all of the great comedians who graced the stage  that evening only a few that I was able to shoot between dj-ing. The Smokeshak crew and staff is attempting to bring fresh talent, good food, a safe and entertaining   environment back to the city. They made me feel welcomed and so did all the comics not to mention the audience was all the way live folks! I tip my hat to the whole Smokeshak staff & crew for bringing forth something so sorely missing here in the entertainment sector of the A.N.D. Good Job Melvin and Stormy hopefully others w

Anderson Radio DJ Legend Uses His Golden Voice To Bring Awareness To Diabetes.....

Disclaimer:   O riginal article written and produced by Mike Ellis of the  Anderson IndependentMail published  11/3/17. I did not write any portion of this article nor do I claim  credit or intentionally intend any  plagiarism or infringement of their copy-rights.  It is re-posted here in order  to help further reach, teach, educate, inspire and inform the Urban community of Anderson about diabetes that visit this site.     Sincerly Dj Tuc Chief Webmaster . Stevie Jones , known on FM WLAS 95.3 in the evening as  Sir Jones, learned on October 8 that he has diabetes. Jones wants to be  a drum major for others in diabetes awareness.  Stevie Jones got one bad surprise after another in a visit to the hospital. He had diabetes. Surprise. He was born with only one kidney. Surprise. Ten days later, he was out and had another surprise. He’s embracing it. “The thing I’m going to be is a drum major for diabetes,” Jones said. A disc jockey,

Has Fake Become The New Real-ness? .. You Decide!

Facebook Or Fakebook Written, Conceived & Produced By Dj Tuc   The argument and mistakes of those claiming true and what to lookout for will be the theme of this piece. In light of various circumstances which maybe my ancestors seem to guide me through as I walk upon my spiritual path. Lately my third eye sees a lot of folks appear to have hurricane fever, no relation to Irma or Harvey . Destructive mentalities is the symbolism here. I observe so much negative distasteful conflict than positive within the digital social media ghetto network known as Facebook.  I make that analogy because just like in most ghettos through out America, you find people who aspire to be actors , models , rappers , star athletes , hood superstars , religious lay ministers , Imams , or even Rabbi’s depending upon the city or circles we travel in. The same can be attributed to social media.   Add a laundry list of Dope Boy Magic flashing guns , mac daddy attention seeking player’s

The State Of Sheba Foxx! --- Politics or Poli-Tricks?

Op-Ed written By Columnist Sheba Mekeda Foxx  Co-produced by dj Tuc  Hey It's your girl Sheba Foxx and I'm collaborating with DJtucc999 to help lead the awakening. I'm calling this series the Makeda Project! ...In this series, I will be giving you knowledge that will awaken you to the hallucinations we have been indoctrinated with. We will be starting with Belief in government : Another Blind Religion There are so many isms , it's hard to keep up with all of them. We hear about them and are divided by them every day. We are so blindly led into believing in something; for relief from our day to day problems and hope for better days. I'm not here to bash what anyone believes. That goes against the type of freedom I believe in. What I am here to do is to bring light to a belief system, many of us get caught up in and we don't even realize it. The belief that our government is here to help us with their laws and we're suppose

EXCLUSIVE---What Dj From da A.N.D. Is Chillin With Legends Like Dj Jazzy Jeff?

djtuc999TheMobileApp Podcast Dj Mix Show is Now Live also in the iTunes Store. . If there ever was a guy to be labeled as an unsung Dj icon from Anderson who played a significant role in the earlier stages of my musical upbringing.  This enigmatic guy by the name of N’gai Christopher Wardlaw comes to my mind immediately. Many are unaware of him and the powerful influence he made in my life and the hip hop comradery we shared as youths.   Good chemistry is a valuable asset in any situation, Job, friendship, relationship on forth into marriage so it is said. So why not in the area of music, entertainment, and Dj-ing right? During this introspective glimpse back into a pivotal moment of my life I share some insight inside this article on one of the A.N.D.’s top early talented and prolific Dj's that probably most are not familiar with. The Jam Master Dj Hi-Five hails originally from the West-side of the city of Anderson, straight off the hard knock block of Owen’s D