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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just in "Child Support" the Movie is DONE!!!

BREAKING NEWS: I have recently received information from creditable sources that the most explosive and highly anticipated reality movie  "Child Support" is finished. Right now it is in post production & there's a good chance it will be available on Blu-Ray for all you 1080p HD lovers with the 60"inch screens. I have briefly spoken with the producers/directors & writers of this project as I will be writing a more elaborate account on the conversations I had with them and their marketing visions for this long awaited release. Stay Tuned and remember the statement I made on the page of this very website months ago entitled "The Movie Child Support " in production in the "A" and I quote & went on record...... "So to all his detractors when it's ready to hit the street's for public consumption it will and those who lament it ain't never coming out!! As the old saying goes "Put Ya Money Where Ya Mouth is",knowing Prafessa & his Grand Mother personally for years I've learned one thing from them both.......DON'T BET AGAINST HER GRAND SON PRAFESSA when you do, you just motivate him." Those who betted against him get ready to pay up playa its going down!! Read the Synopsis below.

                                                                              CHARACTERS and CAST

The opportunity of a lifetime has fallen into Keon Jones’s hands, but a grudge from his past may cost him his future. As a young boy, Keon watched as his father, a petty thief and drug dealer, walked out on his pregnant mother for another woman. He made a promise to his dying mother not to follow his father’s destructive path. But years later, Keon’s wife Keisha is pregnant and Keon finds himself confronting his past as he stares down the man in the mirror.
Being a father isn’t what Keon had in mind, and he makes bad decisions, decisions borne out of fear, fear of failing as a father, fear of becoming his father. Two women love Keon, but Keon only loves his music and his dream of getting a record deal. After Keon’s arrest on child support charges, he’s forced to make choices that will change his life and the lives of those around him forever. Can he learn what it really means to support his child? Can he understand that a letdown can be a path to a come up? This is his one opportunity to change his life, to become a father to his child, to achieve his dreams, but he will have to conquer the ghosts of his past and the demon of the streets to make it all happen.

Jim Evans aka Kaiotic starring as "Keon"
Dalinda Brown aka D-lovely starring as "Keisha"
"Ray Ray"
"Big Baby"