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Just in "Child Support" the Movie is DONE!!!

BREAKING NEWS: I have recently received information from creditable sources that the most explosive and highly anticipated reality movie  "Child Support" is finished. Right now it is in post production & there's a good chance it will be available on Blu-Ray for all you 1080p HD lovers with the 60"inch screens. I have briefly spoken with the producers/directors & writers of this project as I will be writing a more elaborate account on the conversations I had with them and their marketing visions for this long awaited release. Stay Tuned and remember the statement I made on the page of this very website months ago entitled " The Movie Child Support " in production in the "A" and I quote & went on record...... " So to all his detractors when it's ready to hit the street's for public consumption it will and those who lament it ain't never coming out!! As the old saying goes " Put Ya Money Where Ya Mouth is "