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The Dj and COVID 19--Navigating Shifting Times (Op-Ed)

Pandemic Ready Yet TruSkool Always Shouts go out to all those who support and respect real TruSkool Dj-ing, my love goes out to any and all affected. I’m conscious of how the COVID-19 virus has impacted the entertainment and hospitality industries hard. These are in most cases hard working people, and it's really upsetting. Here in da A.N.D. (Anderson .S.C) we're in a government-mandated  statewide curfew like so many others throughout the U.S. and abroad.  So as I pen this from my sofa, the brand djtuc999 will continue on at home & online. This means dope TruSkool DJ mixes for TruSkool music fans worldwide on my platform. will continue to released vintage mixes while will continue to serve the urban music sector of South East Anderson. To my die hard supporters you will still be able to book me & stay informed on events through my app, when & if things ever get back to normal. Let's try to be optimistic shal