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D-ROB, SWAGOVALOAD and DJ LOUD produce a Street-Gritty Mixtape Classic..

Demetrius Robertson aka D-RoB known by the alias “ MoneyBags ” in years past, has recently release his latest A.N.D. solo Mixtape biopic titled “ Straight Outta Los Anderson ” on Swagovaload Entertainment . Since the release of the motion picture “ Straight Outta Compton ” the “Straight Outta” theme has really become popular among the young and old. Straight Outta Los Anderson Mixtape Track Listing download it here ...     D-RoB got at me making sure I was aware of his most current gritty street heater hosted by one of my favorite young up and coming turn-up trap Dj jocks by the name of Cameron Terry aka Dj Loud . I remember meeting Loud at Break Time one evening for the first time during one of his signature turn up Dj sets. I love the drop where he says “ We Fooly ” I think it’s so original. D-Rob employs his raspy rap skills while using the street persona in this installment as O.G. Gas Bags aka the “ Westside Mayor ” who represents the tough under world street life a