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The Creepy Movie Promo- - -featuring Da. A.N.D. Representa

The Creepy Promo from Derrick Diamond on Vimeo .

Meet ILL GATES The "Microsoft Paper" Renaissance-Man Of A.N.D. Hip Hop..

 There are those of us here in the A.N.D . who have grew up musically in the golden era of the hip-hip, remembering the glory days of the skilled emcee accompanied with boom bap drum tracks with a unique chopped soul sample or two here and there. On the latest album release of ILL Gates entitled “ Microsoft Paper ’’, with this fourteen track expose’ ILL offers a nice reminiscent yet balanced mixture of the retro sound of true skool hip-hop minced with a pinch of today’s contemporary radio sound of rap. ILL Gates Microsoft Paper Album Cover.. Chadric Wardlaw aka ILL Gates is by no means a new jack on the A.N.D. hip-hop scene, he’s been spitting dope lyrics from as early as the year 2K, continuously representing the city’s Westside for years along with fellow West coast veteran emcees like Nimrod , Doc Webb , and Gheechi Black . ILL has in my opinion during his lengthy rap career been somewhat overshadowed, not due to skill but by his firm conviction not to sell-out his t