Flash Back (Down Memory Lane) A.N.D. Style

I designated this page with basically a couple of things in mind and that is for you to say " Damn I didn't Know that!!" or " Maan I remember that!!" Thanks to all the peeps who continue to feed me content from around the city & those who will continue to throw stuff at me to post. Yall know me its all  love over here no matter what part of town or hood you coming from. We rep the "A" and we do it or did it our way. Hope yall enjoy and get ready for dat classic shhhhh!!  As always post your thoughts if you like.... Peace Dj Tuc...

Rare & Exclusive 107.3 Jmz Intro Chuck & I did reppin the A.N.D. back in 97-98 for Dj Scientist & his Saturday Nite Street Jamz..Shouts out to Dj Scientist for keeping it all these years folks..  Click the player above & listen for yourself. Sincerely Dj Tuc

The A.N.D.'s first R&B Hip Hop Diva Catrina C of the Mid to late 90's 1st produced by myself & Cool Chuck... She was also apart of the all Girl Group Trio M.A.C the initials stand for Mandy, Asabi & Catrina..
Of course that's me on the right sportin braids checkin my pager & rocking FUBU lookin so 90's on this CD pic..(LOL)

Another Classic photo of myself & Reggie Nance aka "Mr. Nance" who I have known since the B-Boy, fat laces break dancing days of old who I featured on Catrina's  project in 98. A long time friend of mine & has been down to ride wit me since day one folks.
This is of course the back shot of the Catrina's Cd she's one of the most prolific song writers that I had the pleasure of meeting back in the day during that time period. A  talented sexy female that wrote & sang was rare in the A.N.D. at that time. So that's why chuck & I selected her to work with.. She gets love & much respect from us always...
I've said it so many times and for the record I'll state it again. Correseptic is one of the flyest lyricist if not the best lyricist in the A.N.D. to date, his longevity is unmatched as a solo artist having his career span from the 90's to currently the latter 2000's. Until someone can give facts to the contrary I maintain that position "Stormy Weather" is just one of his many blazing lyrical laced productions that he has put forth over the years..
This Album Cd Classic cover is of a group that repped Kakalaki and the "A" simultaneously in the mid 90's and had it on lock for a while doing shows & traveling all over the place. I run into all three of the brothers from time to time around the A.N.D. and its all love & respect everytime. They will forever go down in the music history of this city as BiG John aka Big Biz, Rashad and Smoke known as the infamous "BADDAZIS"  after all these years they are definitely still relevant &  STEEL BADD!!!!!!!!
A lot of people around the city remember this brother because of the way he would spit his underground crime rhyme hot lava flow style from back in the day on joints like "Gun Fight" & "Spencer St". I've followed his career from when he first worked with Prafessor, early on he was well acquainted with the A.N.D. street life but like any other city the "A" is no different & this life style brings about it share of drama. And Seven during his career was no stranger to controversy  on the street & in the A.N.D.'s music scene . I have immense respect for the man because he exemplified that old "never give up, never quit spirit" because every time I thought he was down for the count facing staggering odds he always in time fought his way back up.. Seven thanks for your contribution to the A.N.D. sound much respect & peace.. Dj Tuc

This one I deem a classic for sure if you can find it folks, it was the last Mix Tape performed I think by my beloved  late friend & Dj partner who will forever be known as Dj T-Bone aka "the crowd pleaser." I post this in his memory and honor as he was the first to give me the moniker "The A.N.D. Representa" down in his basement and he was one of the best scratch & party Dj's to hail from the Westside of the city.  He is not pictured on the cover shots here I regret to inform all my readers but if anyone has some pics of him just let me know & I will gladly post them. This was a collaboration project he did with the DaZelek "Franklin Stewart" for 9elements entertainment company(pictured in the jacket on the cover) via Tommy Jackson (Shirt Kingz) (pictured in the shorts)clothing franchise. Dj T-Bone I cherish the last memories I have of us doing our last couple of shows together and know that you will be forever be in my heart & thoughts. It is because of your confidence in me as a A.N.D. representa that inspires me to this day to keep the standards high whenever I grab a mic to rock a crowd. Brother you will always be missed!!! 9Luv!! Dj Tuc

This promo poster really caught my eye some years back I thought it was so dope because it captures the grimy side of the A.N.D. that a lot of North Anderson folks only see on Foxcarolina News and  WSPA Channel 7. A lot of Kats slept on the album but if you did shame on you because on this compilation K.T.S Ent brought nothing less than that straight from the A.N.D. gutter heat in my opinion. It showcased bangers on the album such as "Hood Niggaz" & "Geto Boy" just to highlight a few joints. Pictured in the center is Shad the Master Mind behind this tight project and surrounding him are well known A.N.D. Veterans Correseptic, Kaiotic, and Geechie Black. If you can find it give it a listen & you will see what I'm talking about. K.T.S. the streets waiting on that Vol. 2 baby!!!!!

In this unprecedented  collaborative released 2005 project teamed to talented brothers from different areas of the United States namely Chi-Town's own Hip Hop back packer named L-Stress aka "Levi Stress" and the A.N.D. Hip Hop purist DJ/Producer DJ Phat aka "the MPC King." As the title clearly indicates this album was strictly "Back to the Essence" of real Tru-Skool hip hop. Back when I first heard it maan was it a break from all the Crunk Copy Cats spawn by Lil Jon back then as I remember. I was playing at Club Envy at that time but I digress folks.(LOL) My favorite tracks on this joint were "Legend in the Making" & "Street Chronicles " Dj Phat put in hella work & gave a clinic on the MPC using his signature boom bap branded soundscape while giving head nodding cuts & scratches that would even make Pete Rock or Dj Primere stop in their tracks. Levi Stress delivers his cerebral off beat on beat flow while verbally simultaneously assaulting your dome with dope punch lines that hit harder than George Foreman with the speed of Floyd Mayweather. Am I bias? Humm maybe! Am I a Real tru-skool hip hop fan? Always will be. Do I know talent when I see it? Most definitely. And when it comes to talent creativity & originality Phat & L-Stress can whole their own with the best of the so-call talent you hear on the Radio 24/7 today. Hate it or Love it that's just my opinion. Real Hip Hop is alive just not always on the Radio. Its alive in the "A" thanks to this ground breaking project..

Here I'm a Holding a mint vinyl copy I dug out of my crates of the FIRST hip hop group from the A.N.D. to be on waxx. What you are seeing is Classic for sho.

The Record is a 12"inch & the group is called "Break Down Academy" from back in the late 80's. Members were Tron Pratt, Horace "Junior" Alexander and Dj Pete Robinson.

Recently dug up the original SouthSyde Funk album Cool Chuck & I produced as the collective group called South Movement back in 1996. We repped our hood hard and the A.N.D. simultaneously on this classic joint. We almost got signed to singer Pebbles Savvay Records in the ATL off this joint, she liked it but was looking for R&B acts at the time. I will upload soon so all can check out this underground  gem. Note: We also debuted & showcased a young 17yr old Prafessa Chopps aka Prafessa & Dj Phat the Ill Speaka on this album for starters..Update: Here's the link as promised to our classic Hip Hop album click here to download  and listen.. Note!! You will need to create a quik account using a email address to log in & DL file takes less than a minute.

Speaking of pioneering this A.N.D. sound Chuck & I again produced a compilation album as South Movement Productions it was spearheaded by Marvin Geer aka "Ton" for his upstart label Tag Out Records. It featured not only a variety of raw Hip Hop talent but also R&B talent from around the city. This album was released  during late 1997. R.I.P Iron Mike our manager & my late beloved friend from philly. Blow up the pic above. Will upload for all stay tuned folks..Update again folks after hours of work I finished the upload of this project, after a couple of tweaks I call it the 2.0 edition. Click link here thanks for your patience & hope you enjoy!!
Note!! You will need to create a quik account using a email address to log in & DL file takes less than a minute.

Classic Interview Right Here....

My classic Interview with Prafessa Live off the streets of the A.N.D back in the day.....I kept telling Kats years ago this brother is the one to watch. He's broken so many stereo types, hurdle over many obstacles since we shot this footage. Filmed & edited the movie "Child Support" & started a full fledged film & media company for starters.  Shouts out to alpo some may know him formerly as "Sammy Joe," he's the slim  brotha  in the back drop folks. 


This early A.N.D. Two Man Wrecking Crew wreaked havoc on the streets of the music scene in the late 90's coming straight from the dark syde.. Dark Syde's classic album cover from the 1999 release entitled "Vengance and Greed"!!!
Produced and written by (L) Ronald (Professor R) Geer and (R) Jonathan (Mr. Spooks) Allan. Distributed by Son of Sam Ent and please make note folks: Track No# 13 " Welcome To The A.N.D." Pioneers of the Game fo Sho & without a doubt. Enuff RESPECT to the DARK SYDE for reppin the city waaay back then!!!! Album Download Link coming soon..Peace Dj Tuc

9ET.V.- Talks about HiP Hop with A.N.D. Vet. Dj Tuc/ Da Rundown 09

9ET.V. Interview with BiG Kuntry Slick founder of Onpoint Productions in 09

Playing a customer appreciation gig and posing for pics at the Old Shirt Kingz location in the Walmart Shopping Center folks off Hi-way 28 I think the year was 1999 yall..

This is a show I put together and promoted years ago under the joint record lable that Cool Chuck and I put together it featured the Original A.N.D. groups called Young Gunz, Singers RoBB Wansley, Catrina C, and P. Town Rapper Jamma Lex, so the show biz grind is nothing new to me yall.

Vintage Young Dj Tuc pic in 92 working with my first two loves known as- the Technic 1200's or like the new generation says "The 1's and 2's..
This was Catrina's breakout show at the Old Simones, which during that time, was the Hottest Dance Bar in the A.N.D. operated by Anderson's own famous Radio Personality the Legendary Frankie (Jammin) Jay. And yes the show was a success that night yall!!!
One of the First A.N.D. Rap Groups on a waxx (Vinyl) to make headlines known as the Break Down Academy, just scroll back up this page and see the picture of me holding the record folks. Can we say Classic Anderson Rap History..

These two early P. Town Ballers (Pendleton, SC) music pioneers distinguished their unique style from most other artist in the Anderson, Clemson, and the Seneca area in the mid-nineties. These talented two infused quick witty snappy rhymes, combining harmonizing vocals over bouncy tracks produced at the then popular "Keys to Please Studio" of one Mr. Tim Bell based on the outskirts of the A.N.D. Rapper JamieRhyme SwingerScott and Singer TravisSoft NotesWebb were among the first to musically put the P. Town on the map commercially with their music. I salute their early but not forgotten contributions and celebrate their recent reunion after 20 yrs. In my opinion you both have solidified your names in the cream music history of Anderson County. Salutes from da A.N.D. Representa Tuc


  1. These were the golden days!! I remember them all so well. We as artist were all very different and we loved and are still loving the craft. AND music forever!!! Cool Chuck

  2. This dude Tuc know he nuuthin but an A.N.D. ole school classic. Plezz keep repping the Southside & reminding these youngins about the history of music in Anderson. Salutes my nig!Stevie(((((((((((((((((((((

  3. This is Dope Tuc peep the new music from ya mans up here in the chi Http://Levistress.com and www.Facebook.com/HoWrecords

    1. L Stress it's so good to hear from you brother, and I'm glad U liked the article, I will definitely checkout your new stuff. Enuff Respect 2U and Dj Phat always.. Da A.N.D. Representa

  4. Classix damn TUC u got this history this is corresept!!

    1. I try to give folks who don't know about the cream history of the music scene here in the A.N.D. and pay homage to hard working artist like you who have help to contribute in paving a way for these new skool kats here in the city. I was and am still apart of it s growth so I felt it was my duty to help tell our story from the street level.. Appreciate the comment Sept..

  5. Tuc, I would like to thank you for keeping us all in tuned with the classic and all so vivid memories of way back when. It pretty much seems like last week when all of this went down... Thanks for the Homage of Yester-years.


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