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Will Smith 40th Birthday (RSVP) Party

What up folks its your man Tuc always reporting live from the A.N.D. letting my readers know what's really been good and hood around the city. I was fortunate to have received a VIP only invitation to this quiet is kept event this past weekend 1/26/13 on the lake thanks to a good friend & business associate/entrepreneur named  Will Smith aka BIG WILLY . NO!!! Not the actor from philly (yeah I wish) but a well noted businessman for years around the city. You may have heard of him and his PlatinumBPM branding back in the day that he made popular years ago. Stay tuned as I will be bringing you more sights and sounds from this fabulous festive event. Signing Out Dj Tuc Reppin for the A.N.D. as always...Peace   Will & His family and extended Kin.. Will and Wifey & baby girl... Chillin with the Smith Brothers (L-R) Will & Shan Smith. Shan (middle) has a show on the internet radio station called " On the Move with Shan Smith &q