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The 1st Annual South East Anderson South Side Community Awareness Block Bash

Following on the heels of the organization called SACT " The South East Anderson Community Task Force "  headed by Anderson City Council member Tony Stewart just a couple of weeks ago for their " 2014 Annual Summer Bash ." The reason why I make note of this in this article is because you may see some similarities but I wish to clarify a slight couple of differences in both of these events. I applaud all the members of SACT and what they started since 2004 and all have done a fabulous job keeping it going for a decade now. To all my readers I would like to point out the fact that my mother Mary Tucker has been a proud, dedicated, faithful member since 2004. She has been presented with a prestigious honor by plaque from SACT back in Feburary of 2011 , for recognition of Our Local community Leaders and for her many years of tireless service in the South East Anderson district of the city. I guess you can say this type of dedication to my community in which I'