The 1st Annual South East Anderson South Side Community Awareness Block Bash

Following on the heels of the organization called SACT "The South East Anderson Community Task Force"  headed by Anderson City Council member Tony Stewart just a couple of weeks ago for their "2014 Annual Summer Bash." The reason why I make note of this in this article is because you may see some similarities but I wish to clarify a slight couple of differences in both of these events. I applaud all the members of SACT and what they started since 2004 and all have done a fabulous job keeping it going for a decade now. To all my readers I would like to point out the fact that my mother Mary Tucker has been a proud, dedicated, faithful member since 2004. She has been presented with a prestigious honor by plaque from SACT back in Feburary of 2011, for recognition of Our Local community Leaders and for her many years of tireless service in the South East Anderson district of the city. I guess you can say this type of dedication to my community in which I'm from is inherited in my very genes. Personally I tend to see "The Community Awareness Block Bash" being a little bit more organic in its nature.

By suggesting that those of us in our own neighborhoods come together and fund the event ourselves without the typical litany of church sponsors or city council politics. No my friend this will be conceived and sponsored at a grass roots level for the people and by the people of South East Anderson. THATS THE DIFFERENCE!  I sent out the call to old friends and family from as we say "The Hood" a call for personal duty and responsibility in the form of donations entitled as "Free Will Offerings." Dj T-Rock was the first to get on-board and I couldn't have done it without his unwavering help. Many others like Slick Rick the Movie Man, Bro. Kaf-Re from the O.E.M.O out of Charlotte (Orignal Egiptian Masonic Order), Prafessa of Go Hard Media,Dantae Holloway of Holloway Funeral Home,Keith Watkins of M.V.P. Classic Cuts, Kenny Benson of Onpoint productions, Big Chris of Break Time Sports Bar & Grill, Slick Da Moive Man,Charles Pond,Dj Master D and many many others just to name a few. I thank all who signed on to donate monetarily or give their time for such a noble cause.

ROC & I SHOP at Sam's Club making sure we got the most bang for our Buck because of  all you  out there that donated. Thanks we did our best.

Just trying to get the Job done is all Dj T-Rock kept saying.. He always keeps a positive out look when I ask him for helpll

 In other words we the community are the village and thus we are held responsible for reaching back to help guide and set a positive example for these young people to see and follow. It is our duty no one else’s, being we come from these same neighborhoods as they. South-side is where I’m from and it makes me proud to be able join with others from my community whom I either grew up with, went to school with or just plain working in collaboration with others not from my neighborhood but recognize the need for such an event. If you have love in your heart for your community and wish to spread an abundance of positive vibrations on this day as an example, no matter what side of town or community you are from we want you there to serve as a walking talking example to inspire hope for our youth.


Our original date was August 9 2014 but due to  rain predictions in the forecast I decided to cancel for that weekend which most saw that original  first date that appeared on our flyer. I pushed it back to the end of the month not even realizing at the time that August the 30th landed on Labor Day Weekend. Destiny maybe? But that has yet to be determined although I'm a eternal optimist.  Thanks to all the men and women who signed on you all are truly "Those Who Care". So we invite all to come out as we celebrate life, brotherhood, fellowship, sisterhood in unison. An example not just for the children but for all..

* WHEN:  AUGUST 30 2014 – *TIME: 2PM-7PM * WHERE: GREELY PARK/ S.Fant and Fulwer St.

Written, Produced, Organized & Powered by Dj Tuc for South Movement Productions (overseen by the late Dj T-Bone)..1996-2014 by the Divine guidance & Providence of the “THE MOST HIGH” Contact info @ djtuc@hotmail

Update Follow Up:
I'm so happy to report that outside of a few early setup snafu's the 1st Annual South East Anderson Community Awareness Block Bash went off without a hitch & was highly successful. This Saturday was a hot sweltering day with overcast skies but many people still journeyed  out with there children in tow to be apart of something magically organic. All the kids and even the adults acknowledge to me personally that they were very pleased with the effort that was put forth. If judging by the smiles on the childern's faces and the laughter from the adults I'd say our mission was accomplished. DJ Smash held down the Technic 1200 Turntables with the sharpness of a  surgeon putting the needles in the groove of the records simultaneously as if making rhythmic incisions.  Real dj-ing displaying its true art form of days past in its pristine prime to the amazement of the little ones who were to young to know about that era.


 I played the classic role of emcee on the mic most of the evening keeping the audience thoroughly entertained joined at times by the microphone fiend himself Dj Master D. Bro Kaf-Re of the Original Egiptian Masonic Order of Freemasonry donned his African cultural head dress called a "Fez" for all to see an example of how we as African-americans  should be proud of our roots and heritage. He setup up a tent and had much african culture literature to give out free and even made himself available to  answer questions from any and all. This was a unique day for a unique cause indeed hence the word awareness in our campaign.  The APD (Anderson Police Department) didn't even have to show up to police this event even tho they were contacted & aware of our function. As an old Ice Cube hit record goes and brings to mind "Today Was A Good Day''!!


We wound the event down with an open mic & I asked the elders to speak some inspirational words of wisdom to the youth in order to plant some positive seeds in there minds that they could leave with. Many rose to the occasion without hesitation & some others that I didn't even expect. To sum it up with one word it was purely "Phenomenal!!!" Here's some pics and I cant wait for the next one, we're on to something big here. Each one teach one & comment below if you would like. Always Peace, Love, and Harmony the helping hand we seek is at the end of our own arm.                   9x's  Dj Tuc da A.N.D. Representa 


  1. Y'all brothers did a fantastic job and me and my family enjoyed ourselves. Tawuhaat those who don't know what that mean it's (Thank you)!!! We need events like that for the kids more often. High five �������guys

  2. I wish I could make it to the event I have heard nothing but positive feed back about the event congratulations on the success

  3. I really enjoyed reading this article . This was written by my handsome nephew. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hatap Yasar (peace family),
      I would like to say Tawuh (thanks) to my good brother Anpu A.K.A (Tuc) for allowing me to be involved with such a positive cause. He and I have discussed on several occasions of how we could give back to our communities of the A.N.D. He came up with the idea, hooked up with some positive brother's and we all made the idea manifest. Tawuhaat (thank you) to all the brothers that supported and helped out, without you all it would have never been what it was. This truly the beginning of something magical for the Khamem Salal (Black Race) of A.N.D. I look forward to the next event and working with you and more positive brother's like you all.

      Sincerely, Kafre Messeh

  4. i the you caring for the community i brought-up . hosting a new event coming near you soon event shirley johnson founder prison mission ministry name of event Shooting hoops Stop Drugs in the community.Eastside Park october staay tune to reach the date and time. signed S. E. Johnson


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