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Evolution Of This Music We Call Hip Hip---AGREE Or DISAGREE?

Article Written By Guest Author A. Salter- Newell and Co-produced by Dj Tuc .. Most wouldn’t believe all the different stylistic origins, derivative forms, fusion genres, and sub-genres of Hip Hop that exist today.   We like to put Hip Hop in a decade chunk order, starting around the era of Kurtis Blow’s “T he Breaks ” and slam on a cherry of D.R.A.M.’s “ Broccoli ”. As a product of the year of 1990, I can safely say there’s a great deal of head scratching if you are not open minded about the speeding Hip Hop muscle car that’s pounding its way through the bricks of steady molding and change.         Rapper D.R.A.M. “ Change ” isn’t a word that most people really look forward to being associated with Hip Hop now. Personally I love the constant jerking around of the ARTIST perspective in the studio. The Andy Warhols. The Picassos. ( Though it may seem as though Jay Z sees himself as just and only that ). The Van Goghs. The Basquaits. As a friend o