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Sunday, November 30, 2014

A.N.D. Jocks DJ T-Rock, DJ Tuc and DJ Fresh rep at the 1073 JAMZ BLACK PARTY 2014!!

The 2014 107-3 Jamz Black Party came to the TD Convention Center in Greenville, SC on Friday, November 28th and featured the talented R&B legendary  Soul Sensation "Johnny Gill' who performed live. If you haven't heard yet, this event was a first class grown and sexy affair. Myself along with DJ Fresh and DJ T-Rock were cordially invited to attend as V.I.P. guest and we had a fanstastic time.    Here are  some pics of the action as  I and T-Rock covered & played this highly publicize gala with unfettered access and given the V.I.P. treatment, hope all enjoy our effort. Every-time we play we rep the city yall.  As always leave comments if you like. Peace Out the A.N.D. Representa....DJ Tuc            MAKE NOTE: To Enlarge any picture just click on it!!!!

On air Jamz Personality/assistant program director Vicky James and the A.N.D. Representa (Anderson's own) DJ Tuc

Jamz On air Jock (center) DJ Chill Will

Jamz On air Personality Kelly Mac (standing)..

Jamz Jock DJ Fresh (pictured left)

Jamz On air Personality Tori James

Hot 98.1 On air Personality Tone Hollywood (L) and DJ TJ Swann

Hot 98.1 On air Personality Ant Dizzle (pictured left)

Kelly Mac and Legendary R&B Crooner Johnny Gill backstage..

A.N.D. DJ Vet DJ T-Rock

Jamz Jock DJ KJ

Kimberly McDaniel remembered me as a skinny shy guy in school. How time flys & things change huh!(LOL)

The singing Nathan Rosemond of Greenville back stage with J.G. (Johnny Gill) Watch his touching story by clicking Here..

The Mid-Day Mommie Kelly Mac meets in V.I.P  the  Dj/Mic Cheka Veteran from the A.N.D.-Anderson's own DJ Tuc for the first time.

As you can probably see DJ T- Rock likes getting that Dj Love.(LOL)

Johnny Gill putting in work on stage a true stage performer..

V.I.P. Action for the well dressed folks in this pic..

Here's a couple of Bonus shots from Kelly Mac's Sagittarius 2014 B-Bash at the Sky Lounge..Courtesy of my friend Kimberly McDaniel.. Thanks Kim!!

Kim Pictured with Kelly Mac having a wonderful time..

Is that who I think it is, she looks very familiar? Yes indeed folks it's Foxcarolina's own, Jennifer Phillips (in black) all smiles having a fabulous time at Kelly Mac's Sag party..