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New 9Mind Grafixs Photo Sketch Shop..

Did a couple of these in the beginning just for fun for a few people. Never did I anticipate the
 overwhelming response I received from basically the idea of doing a simple photo sketch. So I decided to share some of my work with the rest of the city thus I added this new page. Hope all enjoy & I plan on adding more as time permits, but in the mean time enjoy these few. By the way, if you have any of your own personal photos that you would like sketches of, just contact me at & we can negotiate a price..A.N.D. Stand Up!!!! Dj Tuc always keeping it popping...BTW Click on any Pic to enlarge..

All SKETCHES Courtesy of 9Mind Grafixs by Dj Tuc for South Movement Prods..2015



  1. Appreciate the nice sentiments & feed back yall. Just trying to keep the site fresh and the ideas innovative for the 2015 year.....Yoou Knooow!!!!! Thanks for all your support!!!! Peace Tuc

  2. What a beautiful job, way to go nephew !!!!!

  3. I just love the beautiful work my nephew has done. Keep up the great work. Love you

  4. I love the sketches .The black and white brings out special features that you don't get in colored pictures.