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Forever in my unending quest to bring the most cutting edge raw talent in the city of Anderson County which you probably are aware of by now which, I often refer to as the initials A.N.D , which is nothing new if you have kept your ears to the street. But I digress on that point for the moment to  bring you something that is extremely refreshing and brand new if I may say so myself at this time. I always make it a priority to give love and support to the ladies around the city that are setting trends, trail blazing in whatever field of business or entrepreneurship that they may excel in. Ladies and gentlemen ( haters not included ) it brings me overwhelming pleasure to shine the talent spotlight on a young sister by the name of Roshanda ( Kiki ) Brawner better known as Ms. RKayBee if you frequent Youtube like I do in my spare time for sampling the local artist cuisine from the city wide buffet of talent here in Anderson. Ms Brawner   is a young videographer phenom th