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What Resident A.N.D. AUTHOR Landed in The XXL Rap Mag? (BUT YOU MISSED IT!)

Two years ago in conjunction with Break-Time entertainment I honored a lot of my entertainment peers in the city of Anderson. There were awards given, pictures taken and the whole nine yards as they say, it was a success to say the least and I titled it “ The A.N.D.’s Most Wanted Movers and Shakers Labor Day Weekend Event ”. The reason I recap this unprecedented moment in time is due to the fact that if you go back and read the award recipient list for that special-nite, you will see that the notable mention honoree’s includes this brother named Raymond Francis. Mr. Francis is a writer/publisher who resides in Anderson of whom I had the pleasure to meet some years back being he’s a huge fan of classic quality Hip-Hop from the era of lyrical giants such as Nas, Outkast, Jay-Z , and Scarface much like myself. I became so impressed with his work and just as a person over-all I went on to feature this brother in an article spotlight in February of 2013 classifying Raymon