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Instagram Celebrity Pics of the Month "WHO DO YOU RECOGNIZE"?


2 Hot Recording Artists Hit the A.N.D. Streets this Weekend..

Fresh off the hugest never before done unprecedented event in Anderson County & city wide history. Yes Im talking about the A.N.D.'s Most Wanted Entertainment Movers & Shakers 1st Annual Labor Day Weekend Event . Thanks to all who participated & came out & to those who couldn't make it we still got love for yall too. Keep in mind the Clemson vs Ga game was this night & thus this event still galvanize a nice crowd that came out & in my book that speaks volumes for itself. But with no further a due this coming weekend we have live entertainment being brought to the A.N.D. courtesy of the good folks at F.G.E . " Feel Good Entertainment "   via the Good Brother Robert Holloway 's company.  I've been told a lot of good things are to be expected this upcoming weekend from this fresh new talent hailing for da vill aka Greenville, SC just in case "You aint Know"!!   Tony Tone & his crew will be sliding through the upper An