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Still Sleeping On the A.N.D...TIMES UP!!!!

Always keeping my eyes and ears open for hot tracks from talented artist all around the city folks. I came across a brother that goes by Critasize JB at-least that's how I think you would pronounce it. But its not about the name but the message he delivers in this record that caught my attention, he reps the A.N.D. with a hardcore unapologetic style in the sense that he exudes the attitude that this is what we are and this is how we do it like it or not. His lyrical flow is impressive on this joint also as he builds his groovy grand verbalizer type delivery like a wordsmith would.  That's the type of feeling that came over me when I first heard the record. I don't know this brother personally but I like the manner and spirit of what he's doing for the city and if anybody knows me, they automatically know I'm gonna get behind and show support for raw original artistic music. NO BLING, NO HYPE, NO HALF NAKED CHIKS, NO FLASHING CHOPPERS OR MONEY, JUST THAT HOOD B.

Veteran Correseptic Delivers a Ground Breaking A.N.D. Classic TRILOGY..

  Innovation , creativity, Originality , combined  with Lyrical Dope-ness equals the Trilogy video featuring the A.N.D. Emcee Veteran Correseptic, he definitely  served up another classic.  Corey could be considered a city wide poster boy of sorts when it comes to A.N.D. hip hop longevity because in my opinion he never imitates other artist whether they be local or mainstream. Working hard  always on production & honing his lyrical skills perfecting his craft.  Him and Go Hard up the ante while raising the bar with this edition as he flows, using three diverse styles. Some who read this will agree others will disagree( mostly haters probably ) but all real students of hip hop must respect Sept because he walks the walk and earned the right to talk the talk being he’s close to 15yrs in this city of Anderson music game. Enuff said now peep this trend setting classic premiere. As always feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Dj Tuc the A.N.D. Representa