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Dj T-Rock - - -Proves Why He's A One Of a Kind Dj In The A.N.D....MUST SEE VIDEO!!!

Dj T-Rock is what I would call a freak of nature when referring to him as a disc jockey( which he is by definition ) but he has always pushed the boundaries as an entertainer beyond that title. What I mean is how many guys that call themselves dj's but can only specialize in one specific style and or genre? Very few! Now if I throw in how many can mix records and grab a mic while in the middle of their set and wake-up a seemingly dead audience with their voice? It becomes even fewer! Now let's throw-in how many dj's can hit the dance floor to kick off a lack luster lethargic party vibe then transform it into a concert atmosphere? I don't know about dj's in other cities but the picking are slim to none here in the A.N.D. Except Dj T-Rock!!   Dj T-Rock and his sister Kim .. What alot of people forget especially, this new crop of millennia Dj's and most were never taught I suspect. Is that a [Dj sub-planted a band ] on stage in the early years of hi

Message From Lady Yaz To All Women---Don't Ever Lose Your Roar!!!

Lady Yaz freelance contributing Editor..  Ladies, so many of us are so busy with the cares of everyday life: the concerns of marriage, the caring of our children, our education, other goals, and our passion, that we forget to truly find our inner roar.  We sometimes end up forgetting about ourselves pertaining to what we desire or what we truly want out of life.  Sometimes we lose ourselves within everyone’s desire or purpose for themselves. Queens, this truly has to end!   Please hear me…there’s nothing wrong with being there for our families, businesses, our friends, and loved ones, but you must take time out to find yourselves.  You need to find your place and inner roar in this world.  You matter and you have so much to offer and bring to the table.  In other words, you must find time to mold and shape the gifts within you that you can share with the world. The Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet representing the femi-nine or feline principal of the woman.. So…wha

Pop Music Sensation Macklemore---Weighs In On The Alton Sterling Shooting!!

 Macklemore has always been outspoken about his ideals on racism. In the past, he has identified his own white privilege and called out celebrities, such as Iggy Azalea , for cultural appropriation. Most recently, the “Same Love” rapper chose to speak up about the death of Alton Sterling, a Baton Rouge man shot by two Louisiana police officers. Read what Mr. Macklemore's thoughts were on this polarizing  event captured from his instagram... Click on Pic to enlarge. Macklemore blames what happened to Sterling on what he refers to as “hundreds of years of conditioning.” “We have been told our entire lives that people that look like Alton Sterling, selling CD’s outside of a store, are a threat to our society,” Macklemore says. “The news, TV, movies, jails, history books, schools and our laws all uphold this false belief. A person isn’t born fearing someone because of the color of their skin. This fear is taught, crafted and instilled in the fabric of

The Legend Of A Gone But Not Forgotten Shirt King In The A.N.D.--- A Tribute To Tommy L. Jackson

Just a week ago I learned of some very disheartening news by phone about a friend of mine of whom which I profoundly respected many years ago and regardless of his untimely passing, I will always revere him.   One thing I have come to realize as I have gotten older is that most of us{ people in general } seem to never miss the water until after the proverbial well has run dry , we all have heard that phrase at one time or another. We wish to express things after the fact, meaning after a loved one or close friend whom may have made their transition, before we were given a chance to let them know personally the affect they had upon us and the difference they made personally in our life and the rest of the world. Classic Tommy with his humorous personality always on display. This is not just another typical article that I’m penning, but somewhat of an up close and personal revelation of how the late brother Tommy L. Jackson affected my life from the first time we met a