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Renowned Author literary Phenom Resides in the A.N.D.

Raymond Francis is a Street Lit author born October 14th, 1981 in New Brunswick, NJ. He was raised in Willingboro, later moved around parts of Pennsylvania including Philadelphia and is currently in Anderson, SC . He describes his style as simple enough for a fool to understand, but complex enough for a genius to appreciate. Francis has an unconventional writing design where he usually incorporates himself as a character in his own books, though at sometimes in a not so obvious way. Francis' books read like a never ending puzzle with characters re-appearing in other works and always having a direct or indirect connection back to him. All of his works put together flow like a timeline of his life up until the current moment. Wanting to change his life and destined to leave a lasting mark on the world, his journey started in 2008 with " Lefty's Story ", where Francis retold the story of a New Jersey teenager named Lefty in book form. Following in 2010 w