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Raymond Francis is a Street Lit author born October 14th, 1981 in New Brunswick, NJ. He was raised in Willingboro, later moved around parts of Pennsylvania including Philadelphia and is currently in Anderson, SC.
He describes his style as simple enough for a fool to understand, but complex enough for a genius to appreciate. Francis has an unconventional writing design where he usually incorporates himself as a character in his own books, though at sometimes in a not so obvious way. Francis' books read like a never ending puzzle with characters re-appearing in other works and always having a direct or indirect connection back to him. All of his works put together flow like a timeline of his life up until the current moment.
Wanting to change his life and destined to leave a lasting mark on the world, his journey started in 2008 with "Lefty's Story", where Francis retold the story of a New Jersey teenager named Lefty in book form. Following in 2010 was the West Philadelphia based Ripped Dollars, a gritty take on the realities of the stick-up game.
After a hiatus in 2011 where Francis dedicated himself to learning his craft even better by reading and analyzing works from legends like Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim, Raymond Francis came back with a vengeance in 2012 and took advantage of the expanded Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing program and released "Janaysha's Story", where he writes from the 1st and 3rd person point of views to tell the story of a drama-filled woman he encountered.
Francis' first full length novel "At Your Best" was next up and served as a change of pace from his 'continual auto-biographical' style. Set in South Jersey and Philadelphia "At Your Best" was a well-received modern love story, with a vicious twist and a shocking ending.
The short story "Stick to The Script" returned Francis back to his usual literary style and told the story of 4 North Philly young adults who terrorized the prescription drug underworld. That was followed by the first person thriller "Rock 'Em To Sleep" where Francis recreates a robbery gone bad back in 2010 and a woman with an unlikely connection to it. The full length novel "Roses in Concrete" shows the world through the eyes of a troubled young girl named Hope and her struggle to find something she had truly been searching for her whole life. Next up was "Boulevard Dreams", a compilation off all Raymond's short stories previously released in 2012 as well as "Picture That" which was composed for the anthology "Love is Blind"
On January 16th, 2013 Raymond Francis signed with David Weaver's SBR Publications popularly known as The Bankroll Squad. His novel "Truth Hurts, Lies Kill" was released on February 14th, 2013.

Raymond Francis' grind is all about the love and not the money and he randomly gives ebooks away for free via his twitter @raymondfrancis and is active on facebook/raymondfrancis09. provides insight into the creative thought process that goes into the design of each book while provides a complete listing of his work.
Raymond Francis welcomes reviews on this site plus and is willing to respond to any questions or comments via Met this brother recently folks he's real humble & definitely a real talent deserving of recognition. We need to support brothers and sisters who are involved in doing positive things with raw talent. I support peeps like that and you should too, here's a look at the cover of Raymond's latest work below. Pick it up give it a try he's on amazon right now getting rave reviews.. Raymond Im a man of my word its my pleasure to have met you brother keep doing what you do brotha keep it positive you got my support..Peace the A.N.D. Representa known as Anpu or Dj Tuc

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