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Delta Sigma Theta and Que's Coming to the "A" this Week....

The " Delta's" and the "Que Dogs " are coming to the A.N.D. this week yall for their annual back to school college jump off. Where at you say? At none other than the Hottest Spot in the City blowing up on Clemson boulevard that's right " Break Time ". Chris Blanding the owner & his staff welcomes all the alumni from tiger town, they are looking forward to meeting and greeting each and everyone ( all those Tiger Fans ) for selecting " Break Time " to host this major coveted event sponsored by these popular Frats & Sororities...It will jumping off on Friday Nite Aug,24 2012 to all who plan to attend get there early this will be a standing room only event folks.......BTW " College Nights " will be starting this fall uptown, for details click on the events page...Peace & Love to all my Delta "Sweet Hearts" I used to date one so I speak from personal experience people..I'm Out, da A.N.D. Representa!!!

The A.N.D. reppin at a Show in Walmart..(UNPRECEDENTED) get the details!!!!!!

What up yall its ya man anpu aka Dj Tuc letting you know that anytime you get three of the A.N.D's triple threat Dj's in Walmart  in the Clemson/Central area together at one time,you are guaranteed a quality showing. " Yes you read right at walmart!!! " As advertised on August 19, 2012 we delivered reppin the "A" like we are supposed to when away from home. We entertained over 3,000 or more back to school college kats from Tri-County Tech, Southern Wesleyan, and Clemson University , to my knowledge I think this is unprecedented in the upstate folks if Im wrong I know someone reading this post will comment to let me know.  But you can trust ,Dj T-Roc,Dj Fresh and myself put it on for the crowd and here are a few pics to check out, by the way we gave away over $2'000-$3,000 dollars away in prizes, and had the craziest dance contest apollo style. Ya heard me? Shout out to brother Horace Alexander aka Pastor Jay from " " the ne

BreakTime Sports Bar & Grill ("BLOWING UP IN THE A.N.D.")

In case you haven't heard by now, maybe you're new to the area but " Break Time Sport's Bar & Grill '' is under new management and has been for some time now. A brother by the name of Chris Blanding aka ( BiG Chris ) has taken reign adding a bold & fresh new approach to the night life of the "A" in da upper uptown area of Anderson right off Clemson Boulevard, & the Miracle Mile section of the city. He's just recently stepped up the city's after hour experience for all his loyal patrons by remodeling the place especially the pool table area of his establishment.   I've seen it first hand and must admit I was totally impressed with the tireless effort that has been put forth into the upgrade for all his customers new and old. You will be too if you haven't visited  Break Time lately, drop in now's a great time, its safe to state here I know for sure you will appreciate the new classy atmosphere, in a mature surrea

Dj's can we support local artist a little more?

As a former artist and producer and current remixoligist knowing the other-side of the game I felt compelled to address this issue & throw it on the table so to speak. Always having local artist in most cases pass me a CD (I used to do the same) to check out, in most cases I do when the time permits. But let's be real just for a moment " everybody thinks there records are hot" right ? As a working dj for years & a producer in the A.N.D music scene meeting with, plus talking to artist this I know for a fact very well!!! I know personally how hard the local artist has to grind to put forth new material, the hours in the studio, the editing, the writing, the punch in's, getting on the same page with everyone's time schedule. Trust me I overstand it, because again I used to do it first hand. ( Yeah I said overstand not understand will explain that word in another post tho ) LOL.. I am and have been an avid supporter of local A.N.D. music for year