The A.N.D. reppin at a Show in Walmart..(UNPRECEDENTED) get the details!!!!!!

What up yall its ya man anpu aka Dj Tuc letting you know that anytime you get three of the A.N.D's triple threat Dj's in Walmart  in the Clemson/Central area together at one time,you are guaranteed a quality showing. "Yes you read right at walmart!!!" As advertised on August 19, 2012 we delivered reppin the "A" like we are supposed to when away from home. We entertained over 3,000 or more back to school college kats from Tri-County Tech, Southern Wesleyan, and Clemson University, to my knowledge I think this is unprecedented in the upstate folks if Im wrong I know someone reading this post will comment to let me know. 

But you can trust,Dj T-Roc,Dj Fresh and myself put it on for the crowd and here are a few pics to check out, by the way we gave away over $2'000-$3,000 dollars away in prizes, and had the craziest dance contest apollo style. Ya heard me? Shout out to brother Horace Alexander aka Pastor Jay from "" the new Soul of the City, for assisting me in the raffle appreciate the help I needed it fo sho..(LOL) Well with no further a due here's some of the action, if you would like to see all of the shots taken just click on the new page I added "Walmart Show Pics Continued" leave comments if you want to share your thoughts. Remember Peace begins with you, get at ya later  folks.........


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