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In the A.N.D..We Got The Jas!!!!

We got the Jas right here in the A.N.D. this month, yes you heard right and your eyes are not deceiving you! The jazz I speak of is young fly fresh and bold and goes by the stage name of Jasbizm or some just say JasB . Jasmine Brown captivated me from the first time I heard her after a friend of mine named Devontae introduced me to a couple of tracks featuring her on sound cloud. As I listened to her tough, profane rhyme style, hardcore attitude and lyrical skills which attracted my ears as musical magnets to her nostalgic flow reminiscent of other female hip-hop emcee flower legend’s like M.C. Lyte and Da Brat . To compliment her nasal voice the tracks were melodic and soulful such as the tracks Jedusa which she takes the listener on a ride about scandalous relationships and 9 to 5ers details how she likes to relax after a long hard week of work. Her vocal repertoire is on full display in the sing songie  record called " YOU " !   She is a young no holds