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P.S.A.- To the whole A.N.D. From Promoter Dom Vlad of The Columbia Record Pool...

Experienced and professional promotions marketeer manager Dom Vlad of the Columbia Record Pool Street Team and Marketing department got at me recently being he's an advocate of my platform and work. He's calling all A.N.D. City wide Dj's and artist or those who wish to become a Dj to attend this upcoming industry symposium and be recognized. If you want to contact him personally for more details send him an email at or Twitter: @Dom_Vlad.. Click on Flyers Below or leave a comment to share your thoughts. Dj Tuc da A.N.D. Representa Columbia Record Pool Promoter Dominic Vladimir aka " Dom Vlad "

A.N.D. Native Sheba Foxx--- Returns Back On The Boxx @ 1073 Jamz!!

Ladies and gentlemen I’m very elated to report the talented quintessential A.N.D. diva Sheba Foxx has made her return back on the boxx,   bringing her vibrant   personality to the air waves of the upstate again on the urban soul station 107.3 Jmz . Since meeting her over 10 years ago I remember this magazine spread she conceived and spear-headed while working at the time with Anderson’s own popular entertainment businessman Prafessa of GO HARD ENTERTAINMENT .   I recognized back then that she was something uniquely special in the making, due to the fact that no other woman at that particular time was thinking on that level around the A.N.D ., thus I was immediately impressed.   At least not any sista that I had the pleasure of meeting on the Anderson entertainment and media scene during that time period.   For those that would argue the contrary must I remind those reading this present article, that it was I that shined the spotlight on her achievements in a small blu