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"The Next Level Is Staying Fit" -- Check The Video!!

Just trying to stay fit folks and share the importance of it with all who visit my site. No matter who you are, are what you do, never under-estimate the value of living clean and taking care of your health. The root word of health is " Heal " that's a few of the secrets to longevity so let's not be reactive but proactive think on that..Peace Out Da A.N.D. Representa .. DISCLAIMER : Please note that I am not a medical physician  of any type so please check with your doctor before you begin any type of physical workout with weights,punching bags,dumb bells etc. I shouldn't have to say this but you know some people now-a-days. I just did this video to perhaps bring awareness to those who may visit my site in hopes to inspire or motivate those who have been contemplating or may have been on the fence about working out. At the end of the day its all about how you feel about yourself and what you're comfortable with.. Use common sense and be smart about anythi

Behind The Scenes In Da A.N.D. ft. Dj Flea and Dj Scientist

I'm posting this footage I shot last month from Dj Flea's Annual Birthday Bash , I think it exemplifies the comradery between most Dj's here in the A.N.D. Not all but most so let me be clear on that!!   Dj Scientist is originally from Greenwood, SC aka the emerald city not Anderson yet  we have always had a healthy respect for one another since debuting  myself and Cool Chuck as recording artist on his Saturday Nite ( Street Jamz Mix Show ) around 1998 during his tenure at 107.3 Jamz as their go to jock back then. When Robb Laid-Back was a huge popular radio personality gracing the airwaves then for those who can remember. The 98/99 Street Jamz Official  INtro Mix for 1073 JMZ featuring myself and Cool Chuck Below Classic fosho .. If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here Dj Flea whom I regard as one of the most down to earth, most improved, funniest, never ego tripping ( yes there are Dj's in Anderson

Back To School 2016 --- Featuring Singer T-Lemons and Da A.N.D. Representa

This years annual   Back to School   " Shop Til You Drop " extravaganza keeps getting bigger and better every-time around that I've hosted it. This year they up-ed the ante with live entertainment presented by the Southern Wesleyan University Singers , Clemson University Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and the infamous Omega Psi Phi Fraternity aka the Que Dawgs .  All the college frat chapters in attendance did a spectacular job representing their school performing live step shows for a huge enthusiastic crowd inside the Central Walmart. 95.3 own DJ Fresh dropped all the latest hits from the one's and two's and I put on my emcee ( M.C. Master Of Ceremony ) hat as I am known to do at times while keeping the crowd laughing and hype as I raffled off many prizes.  I would like to Thank all the staff and especially the Deli crew at the Central Walmart because every year that I've hosted it, they have taken good care of us ( Fresh and I ) with free food and drink