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Monday, December 23, 2013

Top 5 Hip Hop Albums of 2013 by Renown Author & Contributing Editor...Raymond Francis

                   Top  Five Hip Hop Albums of 2013

      By Raymond here to read the full article folks...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hoover Deuce & North Side Still Stacking Extra Knots..

When being the forerunner of Spot Lighting talent independently in and around the city of the A.N.D. I HAVE NO BIAS to what part of town a skilled artist slash lyricist comes from. LET"S GET THAT STRAIGHT RIGHT OFF THE BAT!!! That would be just ignorant right fam? And Tuc don't advocate such foolishness ya heard. Anderson has much untapped talent whether it be from the south to the west to the east to the North of the Lower district of the city. In this blurb  we rotate the talent lime light over towards Hoover Deuce and all my North Side A.N.D. peoples. I've heard the deuce man on featured Go Hard produced records over the years and peeped his video last spring aptly title "North Side" featuring Redzilla up on youtube.

It was a tight joint at my first listen as I recall, because up until then I had only heard recording artist Pee Wee reppin the North Side when he connected with Prafessa at Go Hard back in the day. Shouts out to rapper Pee Wee hope you come home soon brother. But back to Hoover Deuce this latest joint I heard is lyrically straight gas with a box of matches, Hoover gives it to ya with that North Side swag from his perspective, over a riding booming beat that's guaranteed to have most heads bobbing. Unless your deaf or a born again hater.

 Extra Knots is the title of the track the verses and punchlines tingle the senses while spittin facts & street truth with lines that go "YOU Can't BALL if You Can't Feed your Family" real talk with real street sense. That's what the F%*K-ing game is missing right now!! The video lays it all out for the viewer as Hoover makes his points crystal clear for the A.N.D. Streets and beyond. Yo Hoover Deuce this A.N.D. Vet salutes you playa keep spittin that truth in dem lyrics..These younger Kats need to hear it.. Peace Dj Tuc

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Top Hot New Video Pick of the Week featuring the A.N.D.'s 4-4 Water...

Check out this Brand New Video for one of the A.N.D's own original ill spittin Westdside  Ryder known through out the city as "4-4 Water." The record is called "No Way" and plays out
as a mini movie of sorts that conveys a powerful message to the viewer at its conclusion. Due to the fact  I don't want to spoil it for all my readers who haven't seen it, I choose not to expound any further. Its well written and directed by no other than Prafessa and he delivers once again with his signature quality Go Hard Media touch. 

I have a more indept article im putting together  about 4-4 that will be featured in the "A.N.D.'s Ironman Award" page of this site real soon. Him and I months back sat down and chopped it up for an impromptu interview at Onpoint Productions, and he had alot to say about himself his music and the entertainment biz in general. 10Ent is his lable and he's a Go Hard Ent affiliate, the man has talent, a vision and he's not afraid to get his point across in the face of criticism. My Type Guy know what I mean? Now check the video & comment if you like.... Peace Dj Tuc a/k/a The A.N.D. Representa."


Friday, November 15, 2013

Grown & Sexy Holiday events in the A.N.D. featured @ BreakTime for the Month of 11/13..



         Music by  Dj  Scientist
Brought to you by Blue House Ent Productions..
           Hosted by Dj Tuc feat.  
           Dj  Terry B  and Dj Fresh...
Presented by Terry B for B-EZ entertainment..

          Dj Smash & or Dj Fresh..

Brought to you by K&Q Entertainment & Break Time...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rah EastWood is definitely " The One to Watch" Artist Spot Light

Check this Out yall I was at Onpoint last night performing one of my favorite weekend rituals, you know chopping it up with the fellas while awaiting my turn to get a fresh hair cut to end the week. As in most barbershops around the city this is a place to come relax for a moment and talk about politcs, religion, sports, music and of course the lastest neighbor hood haps.

Onpoint is not your average barbershop tho let me explain. It doubles as a studio too so this is the perfect environment for me to kill some time when waiting for a trim. Playing some local music off my site (as I always do) I find is a kool way to give a lot of people some exposure to the different A.N.D. music flavors. To make a long story short everyone is bobbing to the sound of the tracks blasting in the background and one brother by the name of Ced mentions to me and says" Tuc you gotta have Rah Eastwood up on the site & have you heard of him"! I replied I hear alot about this kat and that I first encountered him on the Da Luga aka Pooh track called coming 4ya head. [its in the greatest misses page of this site]

I love & respect real lyrical spitters and Rah tho I haven't bump into him on the street yet is just that, a verbal flame thrower hailing from the eastside of the A.N.D. Staying true to why I created this site and that is to help give more shine (exposure) to hard working talent simply, because I personally know this grind from the inside.  I've done it since the 90's myself an actual fact, and peeps know my credentials are solid. Rah Eastwood got hella talent, much potential  and a message from the streets, to the streets, about the streets of the A.N.D. that's REAL & will be respected only by the REAL. This video I found called "NEVER" explains it all, nuttin left to say.......Dj Tuc Reporting Live from da "A"

Thursday, October 10, 2013

2 Chainz blames directors for Illuminati occult messages in hip hop..

Rapper 2 Chainz blames music directors for the prevalence of Illuminati symbolism in hip hop videos, not artists like himself or Jay-Z.
However, this doesn’t explain why occult symbolism also pervades other areas of popular culture, including television, advertising and fashion – or why Jay-Z himself openly sings about and promotes Illuminati and satanic memes.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Not Beats by Dre but Worth a Notable Mention suprised me wit the price & sound quality!!!


Xtraem Pro Series Studio Style HeadPhones

Usually I am very skeptical of inexpensive headphones. As a ole skool dj/producer I really care about how my music sounds. I don't like it muddled by extra noise. Just give me clear highs (I want to hear every beat of the hi-hat), nice mids and a banging low end I can feel in my gut. As well as being a good music lover I also am aware that people are interested in social status more so than anything else. But then again "THATS NOT ME!!!" As such,  Beats by Dre' headphones are top notch so thats not what im sayin at all. But If I can save money & not simp on quality I will no doubt!!!  I have to be honest, these Xtraem Pro Series headphones sound just as good, if not better than his and at this price, you just can't BEAT that. I learned never to just fall for hype and brand names but to test things for myself to get the facts then make my mind up. I would caution all my readers to do the same..Peace Dj Tuc

Extreme Sound

Ultra high-end drivers constructed from neodymium rare earth magnets reproduce music the way it was meant to be heard with deep bass, crisp highs and high definition sound.

Extreme Comfort

Adjustable custom fit conforms to the shape of your head. Deluxe soft ear pads keep the sound in and reduce unwanted noise. Soft, breathable headband stays comfortable and secure even when active.

Extreme Design

Tangle-proof flat cord features a deluxe in-line microphone with controls for your phone and music player. Lets you easily fast-forward, play, pause and rewind your music, adjust the volume, hang up and answer calls all without removing your headphones.
Super premium deluxe headphone
Massive sound
Padded ear cups and head band
Tangle proof flat cord
Extreme bass
Volume control & Microphone on cord
Color: Black with Red trim
Model Number:

Monday, September 2, 2013

2 Hot Recording Artists Hit the A.N.D. Streets this Weekend..

Fresh off the hugest never before done unprecedented event in Anderson County & city wide history. Yes Im talking about the A.N.D.'s Most Wanted Entertainment Movers & Shakers 1st Annual Labor Day Weekend Event. Thanks to all who participated & came out & to those who couldn't make it we still got love for yall too. Keep in mind the Clemson vs Ga game was this night & thus this event still galvanize a nice crowd that came out & in my book that speaks volumes for itself. But with no further a due this coming weekend we have live entertainment being brought to the A.N.D. courtesy of the good folks at F.G.E. "Feel Good Entertainment"   via the Good Brother Robert Holloway's company.  I've been told a lot of good things are to be expected this upcoming weekend from this fresh new talent hailing for da vill aka Greenville, SC just in case "You aint Know"!!

 Tony Tone & his crew will be sliding through the upper Anderson area touching down at the hottest uptown spot off Clemson Blvd called "Break Time" on Sat September 7, 2013. He will be bringing a special guest from the emerald city Greenwood, SC, so Im told from his manager. He goes by the impressive stage name "Young Soulja" & he will be riding shotgun with Tony Tone that evening. Adding to these live performances will be the A.N.D.'s legendary  1073 jmz jock Dj Fresh on the Ones & Twos, so you don't wanna miss this show.

 Tell a friend, bring a friend, FB it, Tweet it, whatever you have to do come out & show some love to these talented outta town recording artist when they check in the city. Show'em how we respect original authentic raw talent in the A.N.D... Going out to all of Tony Tone & Young Soulja's fan base or not please leave comments below & let the city know whats on your mind. For further details & booking info contact Robert Holloway of Feel Good Ent @864-318-4372

 Reporting live & signing off da A.N.D. Representa..... Sincerely anpu aka Dj Tuc

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Huge Event Coming up for Labor Day Weekend in the A.N.D...

I am proud to announce the city's 1st annual '' A.N.D.'s MOST WANTED MOVERS & SHAKERS LABOR DAY WEEKEND EVENT. To my knowledge this will be another unprecedented event here on Labor Day weekend here in the A.N.D.. We will pay homage to
a lot of  well known talent in the city as well as some very little known movers & shakers who rarely get there just due to shine. We have had much popping off here in the city this year so it is my wish for everyone to come out, get together have fun drama free, relax your mind, let your conscious be free, as we celebrate the achievements of maybe some of your friends,relatives and perhaps family members from around Anderson county. 
 The sponsors of this website ( & Break Time have a lot on deck for this guaranteed pack out event. Take a glance over the promo flyer below and you will see a flash of whats going down on 8-31-13 in the upper uptown district of the city. My long time Dj friend, partner in production and rhyme known as DJ Cool Chuck will be arriving back in the A.N.D. or shall we say a 2nd Reunion of sorts for us, spinning that heat. The sexy Sheba Foxx from 107.3 jmz  ( the foxx that Rocks the Boxx) will be in the house taking pictures, hosting on the M.I.C. doing her damn thang.  Get the word out, tweet it out, FB it out and stay tuned because we got more surprises perhaps in store.. Peace Out Dj Tuc

Update:  Due to a lot of people inquiring via calling and or texting me for a  names list of honoree's from the flyer above because of the small print. Okay I heard you folks so  here it is, a printed list of the pre-selected recipients  for recognition in this 1st annual upcoming unprecedented event....If you're not on the list its no knock against anyone personally just remember this is the 1st annual & budget constraints were a factor & came into play. Hopefully I'll get at cha on the second annual also blame my mind & not my heart... Sincerely  Dj Tuc

DJ Honoree's are as follows:

1.       Dj Master Cue- The A.N.D.  Old skool  most resilient  Jock
2.       Dj Flea- Most Improved Dj in the City
3.       Dj Jam One- Most Improved Dj in the City
4.       Dj Terry B – Most  Smoothest  Blending  laid back Dj in the City
5.       Dj Fresh- The hardest working professional  Dj in the City
6.       Dj Master  D- The Golden age  Jock of the year award
7.       The Late Dj T Bone- One of the best  A.N.D. Scratch Dj/producers from the City R.I.P.
8.       Dj Smash- A.N.D. Pioneer Dj Keeping Turntable mixing  alive in the city
9.       DJ T-Rock- Pioneer & longevity Dj Mix award 


          Best A.N.D. Independent film awards goes to the following:
1.Landrick (Prafessa ) Pond-  Best A.N.D. Independent Film Director & Videographer for   Go Hard  Media/P&W production.
2. Anthony F. Wideman- Best A.N.D. Producer and movie Script writer for “Child Support”
3. Jim (Kaiotic) Evans –Best Male lead performance & starring actor as Keon in the Movie “Child Support”
4.DaLinda (D-Lovely) Brown- Best female lead performance & starring actress as  Keisha in the Movie “Child Support”
5. Nasha aka BiG Baby- The Supporting Cast award/ received for the entire supporting actors in the Movie “Child Support”

A.N.D. City Comedians awards

1. Weasel- A.N.D. Top stand up funny man comedian & screen actor
2. Tennessee Slick- A.N.D. Top Home entertainment and Comedic entrepreneur

Rap IronMan Award

1.Cory “Correseptic” Jones- A.N.D. Top Rap Ironman & Longevity award
2. Ryan “4-4 Water” Walker –A.N.D. Top Rap Ironman & Longevity award
3. Ricky Joe “Gheechi Black” Webb- A.N.D. Top Ironman & Longevity award
4. Tim (lil Timme)Thomposon- A.N.D. Ironman Producer award

Notable Mention

1.       Raymond Francis –A.N.D. Most Notable mention Author book writer/ publisher Award.. for his book on amazon called “Boulevard Dreams” 

2.     Kenny (BiG Kuntry Slick) Benson-Community Entrepreneurs  award for His outstanding work at Studio Onpoint Prod./Barber Shop /Producer/recording artist

3.  Chris “ Gold” Richardson- A.N.D Emcee award as a up & coming Skilled  A.N.D. lyricist in the Group Onpoint. Keeping  the art of lyricism alive in the city.