The A.N.D's Iron Man Award should Go to......

This is for the Most prolific,consistent talented artist that most would call underground but drops dat heat for the streets everytime but classed as underrated & under appreciated. Who is it in your opinion yall? Its time to see who gets your vote...

In my humble opinion and for those that know, Correseptic (aka Sept) hailing from the southside immediately comes to mind. His street & studio grind in the A.N.D. since the beginning of his career has been stellar over a ten year span "yeah over 10 & more yall'' his work ethic & talent as a lyricist around the city, you'd be very hard pressed to find another emcee(not rapper) to match his skill. Not to mention he's morph in to a dope producer not just doing tracks for his own music but for others as well. Just check any of his records or videos on youtube for proof here's two classic vids called (The Block and a throw back which he featured in with L. Stress' "Street Chronicles". Shouts out to Dj/producer Phat (da MPC King) who made a cameo appearance in this hip hop gem. If you agree or disagree leave a comment I wanna know what you think. A.N.D. holla back!!!!!

When it comes to making "BIG MOVES" & we're not just referring to his size but also his stature on the entertainment scene in the A.N.D. no brother wears as many hats in the biz as Landrick Pond. Known around the city in the streets of the ''A'' as "Prafessa'' back in the day formerly called  Chopps (I still call him that sometimes) but that's because we go waaay back so he lets me get away with it yall.(LOL) Let me explain what most people don't know.

 Before his now highly touted "Go Hard Movement'' began & we've all heard about the infamous "mic in the shoe box'' stories told by his friends & lablemates such as Dawg Face,Sept,or "snake eyes" aka Ricky Joe. Prafessa and I started our friend and music relationship back in the mid 90's when myself & Cool Chuck (also along time friend) formulated a group called the "South Movement" based on a sound we called southside funk. We were grinding at the same time as other groups such as the BADAZZIS, Darksyde just to name a few & at around age 17 this kid who called his self "prafessa chopps" came by and wanted to know how he could get into the music biz because he rapped at the time. We hit it off instantly because I was amazed at his talent & drive way back then as I remember. Real Talk!! While chuck & I were producing records for ourselves & for other artist,I was djing heavily at the time at cookouts,party's,clubs & such my time was very limited. 

But I promised him if anything came up I would have him included & so it did we (chuck & I) were proposition to produce an album compilation for a local upstart lable named back then"TagOut Records". Shouts Out to "Ton" for the confidence in our production skills. I contacted chopps told him I wanted him & phat to be on it, they founded the duo called "Communique" we produced the tracks & we've been down every since & up to this very day. Over the years he's became an artist,producer, help founded groups like "South Flock", "Slum Prophets" Da Luger, DoK Webb, K-Trick-E, Seven, (before the beef) Dawg Face, shouts out to da original B.O.P (birds of prey) Pee Wee from the NorthSide, come home soon, Correseptic,Kaiotic,Hoover Deuce and countless others. 

In these latter days he's up the ante displaying his drive & heart by launching a film company "GO HARD FILM CO.'' shooting quality videos in & out of the city almost single handedly with little or any outside financing. His latest ground breaking endeavor is a movie called "Child Support" starring the "A.N.D.'s street hood ambassador mega talented "Kaiotic" (prafessa where's my spot maan). Check Out the trailers on youtube here yall & support this brother, he definitely the one to watch because if he looks good the whole A.N.D. will look good, the first African American in the city to shoot a successful movie. Picture that! Just Picture that for a moment would you. He's pictured with Bo Hagon of Lil Jon;s "Crunk Juice" Fame, as my  late great Dj friend & partna would say ("Dj T-Bone R.I.P")  "Dj Tuc da A.N.D. Representa''.....Peace Out Yall..

It brings me extreme pleasure to nominate and bring to you a brother that has always been on the low, the super talented, humble, producer, Dj, dedicated family man.  This A.N.D. representa for years since the mid 90’s has a staggering track record he’s a good friend/frat brother of mine also folks, it’s the one the only Cleo Oliver dubb by yours truly as “Cool Chuck.” If you ask most local artist that are still out today that is if they’ve been around since the late 90’s like Corresept (new artist excluded) most of them will tell you they have heard of him or his production or he’s done production work for them in the past. Cool Chuck is one of the rarest enigmatic, open minded unorthodox, perfectionist type producer/dj who shuns mediocrity. The hallmark of us 90’s tru skoolers!!! Translationhe doesn’t take a day off when laying down a track or mix until it’s precisely the way he wants it to sound.” That’s why he and I always clicked in the prepro lab (name of our pre production studio) back in the days. Him on the ASR-10 drum machine/keyboard sampler, me on the technic 1200s turntables performing scratches/cuts or vice versa, weather writing sharp as a razor lyrics or spitting his on beat off beat flow in the booth this brother could do it all. How do I know? Simply because we used to have a group called “The SouthMovement” to which our style back then was to far ahead of most because we refused to sound like everyone else at the time. Check Out a couple of our old recordings here called “Aint We Funky and “N Yo Area” at the aforementioned links provided. Cool Chuck now resides in the city of Charlotte, NC with his supportive wife and family but he wishes all readers to know he’s still got it and most importantly he’s straight off the streets of the A.N.D.’s Southside still reppin. His accolades in the past have included alley boy productions, South Movement Production(with myself) the group BMP with both our mutual friend & emcee Shawn Hunt aka “Shaun Dogg” collabs with Jamie “the Rhyme Swinger” of the group Vice Versa, Communiqué, Correseptic, Jamila aka M.C. Rip, Female Girl group call M.A.C and the list goes on & on. The point is he’s paid his dues and never worries about receiving credit for anything that he has contributed to or done in the A.N.D. and because of this simple over looked fact he gets the nomination nod in my opinion for Iron Man recognition in the city. The Cool one has evolved into a deeply spiritually centered non religious Nuwaup (African spiritual Science)  brother such as myself, who still gets Goosebumps when hearing a dope track. It only stands to reasons out because real tru skool artist started out with the love of the art form of hip hop and not the love of the bling nor money or fame. Cool Chuck is a living breathing example of just that forgotten ideology; I conclude this piece reminding all that if you are ever sliding through the Mecklenburg county area check this A.N.D. veteran out. He’s available for public and or private engagements he specializes in the hip hop true skool genre, Grown N Sexy R&B, & Old Skool Soul with a splash of new skool rap. You can contact him via Face Book under the moniker “Cool Chuck” or email him at or text him at 704-907-7049 serious inquires only!!!!..Cool Chuck I wish you much continued success give my love to the family ,you know how we do it in the “A.N.D.” baby!!!  Peace Out Anpu aka your brotha Dj Tuc


Ladies and gentlemen of the A.N.D. I’m proud to introduce this next brother that I met years ago back in the mid to late 90’s while working to produce the Tagout Records compilation. It would be destined to feature various artist from around the city at the time and this is when I met this crazy funky dope producer I’m about to showcase here for the Iron Man producer award. He’s been quietly sharpening his skills over the years and in my opinion has got to be one of the illest kats to date on the music production circuit here in the city.  Producing and editing videos, displaying beats at his YouTube channel is just a small testament of the talent this man posses. Once you view and or listen to his work I’m sure most will agree that his many musical soundscapes are creative, soul inspired works of art unless of course you’re just a hater. "But hey he got love for yall too."

Chaos Music
....the production company that consist of the 33 year old aspiring producer, Timothy Thompson, known for sequencing music to the best of his ability. He has been producing music since the tender age of 13. He grew up in church listening to melodies and drum patterns from the best musicians and imitated them by using anything he could to make the sound he heard in his head come to life. His influences are God...1st, because he has no musical training and cannot play any musical instruments. Him (God) and him only is the one who could bless someone with the talent to create and produce music the way it comes from Chaos Music. 2nd, he gives praises to his parents and family because to them, it was a dream that would never come true for him...producing music that is. His folks didn't know that it was the love for music that drove this young guy to produce music...getting into the industry was never a goal. 3rd, he gives much respect to Fred Humphrey and his former manager Keltrus Lindsey for pushing him to become the best at what he does. 

Fred Humphrey is very much a part of his quest to continue to produce music considering the fact that he (along with some others) are a driving force in the process of producing and making music.  Some of LilTimme’s influences are God (of course), his wife and kids, family, Just Blaze, Kanye West, Dr. Dre., Outkast, and various other producers and artists. Music to him (LilTimme) is love....nothing more, nothing less!!! He has worked on many projects with local artists from Anderson, SC to artists from Queens, NY. He may be known from his work with many local talents, but he salutes the well known "Prafessa" from Anderson, SC for exposing him to the music scene. You can contact him at his YouTube channel just click here or you can get at him @liltimme on twitter. Peace Yall....

Once again it brings me extreme pleasure to bring to you another A.N.D. nominee for my highly coveted Ironman award. The Anderson, South Carolina native K-TRIK-E. (Kinky Trick Entertainment,) has been singing and dancing since the age of four. Always fascinated by the works of the late James Brown, and emulating R&B artists like Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, and others. It was his tenth grade English teacher who encouraged the burgeoning young rapper when she heard him in class. It wasn’t long before K-TRIK-E was connecting with a little crew of beatboxers. Still uncertain about his desire to enter the rap game head on, K-TRIK-E continued to focus on dance for awhile. In 2003, after continuous support for his skills on the mic was when K-TRIK-E’s focus shifted and he began to incorporate his many artistic talents into his overall artistry. It paid off! Promoters thereafter appreciated K-TRIK-E’s professionalism and talent enough to add him to bills of high profile shows by national acts including Pastor Troy, Dem Franchise Boyz, Gorilla Zoe, and Young Dro. He’s also share the stage with Soulja Boy, Dorrough, Treal

Lee & Prince Rick, Translee (Collipark Music), TK/CASH (DTP) and Wacka Flaka.

A couple of my favorite joints from Trik are the underground banger "Pop dat koochie (the Remix)" & "Look Good" featured
on the A.N.D.'s Greatest Misses page of my site, if you have never heard it before check it out. But the commercial club banger that gets the ladies moving is "Shorty SO Sexy" click the link to peep it folks.

He’s appeared on local radio/internet shows in South Carolina and has been called on for his insight about Hip-Hop music and urban culture. K-TRIK-E has been interviewed by Indiestreet Magazine, Anderson Independent Mail, Belton Chronicle, Upstate BE, Link,, College Web Mag., and Apostle Gowan for his Gospel television show on Channel 16 in Pickens, South Carolina, along with local and out of state radio stations. K-TRIK-E knows the value of being self-contained. The CEO of his own entertainment and publishing hub, K-TRIK-E also can claim production and songwriting in his arsenal. He aims to collaborate with other artists; providing them with the fresh, suave swagger of the K-TRIK-E sound. In addition to the pursuit of excellence in music, K-TRIK-E enjoys speaking out in public about world issues, acting, and working with young people. K-TRIK-E’s methodical approach to the arts should come as  no surprise. But, as K-TRIK-E’s career has proven, it emerges and unfolds in its own time. Meeting Trik back in the late 90’s at that time he was just a budding choreographer and it’s amazing to see just how far he has come over the years..This dreaded brother has put in the work and is rightfully due his respect on the A.N.D. music scene. He’s still Dat Dude!!!!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the A.N.D., I’m about to introduce to you a brother who is known around the city by his distinguished signature goat tee, and has been very influential on various major entertainment projects in Anderson quiet as kept tho. I’m a firm knower that you can do nine good deeds in your community all for your city or town, but commit one bad ill advised decision & you could possibly be misunderstood tarred & feathered plus branded by the court of public opinion negatively for a long time. The infamous or famous AnthonyAntF. Widemandepends on who you ask” knows this first hand based on an impromptu interview if you will, we had on the Westside of the A.N.D. Ant started his career in the entertainment biz back in 1993 with the rap group the “Mic Wreckaz” from Anderson S.C. under the label Wreck it RecordZ. In 1996 he embarked upon another venture and became the manager of the infamous rap trio/group known as “BADDAZIS” under his then up start newly formed label “Royal Black Entertainment” and the group represented the A.N.D plus South Carolina period as I remember folks. Mr. Wideman inked a huge distribution deal through SouthWest Wholesale for the BADDAZIS ALBUM “FUEL TO DA FIRE” in 1998 while simultaneously managing the R&B crooners “One Love” from Easley S.C. and P.Y.T an acronym for “Pretty Young Thugz”.

Ant progressed as one can expect to a concert promoter in 1999 being instrumental in luring major artist of that time period such as LIL JON AND THE EASTSIDE BOYZ to the upstate also CAMRON, JAGGED EDGE, LOST BOYZ, CASH MONEY Millionaires, TRICK DADDY, GOODIE MOB, PASTOR TROY, LORD TARIQ & PETER GUNZ, CHOPPA, DRA-GON, TOO $HORT, DJ KID CAPRI , BETTY WRIGHT. Not bad huh you have to admit. Not to mention he provided opening acts for all of these shows as well. But his track record gets better folks allow me to elaborate.  Most don’t know or remember another flaming hot lyricist from da A.N.D. called “Cedso” where Ant worked with, shopped him in New York and Philly with Hip Hop Dj/Producer Icon and my personal all-time favorite Dj, the one the only Jazzy Jeff. That’s Major!!!!

In 2010 he started P & W Productions LLC and partnered with Prafessa from Go Hard Ent, began writing, ala producing in 2012 the script for the Movie “Child $upport”. Working on the new film called “Mothers Day” topping off his sometimes perceived jaded career to date. You don’t have to like him personally but you have to respect this man’s hustle & relentless grind. I salute those who give respect because they get respect not because I say so, but because they earn it. This brother has earned it over the years you don’t have to like the man but you have to respect his track record grind. To get at him for “biz only” you can contact him here at P&W Film Productions 678-749-4232 or childsupport the movie and twitter@iwrite4themoney

So keep grinding Ant……..Peace & Salute from Dj Tuc da A.N.D. Representa

Haters & Gentleman boys and girls Franklin ''DaZelek'' Stewart was born and raised in Buffalo N.Y. on May 13, 1974. He grew up in Group home's living in south buffalo. So what does he have to do with the A.N.D. scene you ask? Right!! Frank dazelek had a Ruff child hood and had a lot of anger inside of him. In 1986 Frank dazelek used hip hop to express himself with break dancer, pop locking, graffiti artist, beats and rhymes.
     In the 90's Frank dazelek was in one of the most known hip hop group in the upstate new York area. Straight out of Lackawanna N.Y. DA'PAC was the name of the group. At that time frank dazelek stage name was ''the high joker'', his lyrical style and punch lines took the street by storm with heavy words he used to let everybody know just how he came up.

     In 1999 frank dazelek traveled with THE JAMES E. STRATES SHOW landing in ANDERSON S.C. Starting to get the picture now folks? So he made ANDERSON his home. The underground hip hop scene  on the streets of the A-N-D  at the time was growing rapidly. Frank Da zelek got in where he fitted in. Humble himself to where he put a spark in the hood of ANDERSON S.C.


Frank dazelek also got into management ,He manage one of the hottest females in the upstate of s.c. ''MISS METRA'' for more info on miss metra go to or google/bing her. So now I hope all know why he's
he's a notable mention here on this page. Because what alot of this new music generation fails

 to acknowledge is something Rakim said along time ago. "It aint where you're from its where ya at"!!! If your asking who Rakim is scratching your head, then you seriously need to do your hip  hop home work partna!!


                                                                                                                                                  Signing Out Dj Tuc.......

I post this video in the highest regard’s and memorandum to my late friend slash fellow Dj comrade who represented the A.N.D. Dj scene proudly, displaying none other than rudimentary dee jay skills. Tyrone Rainy aka Dj T-Bone and I clicked from day one when we met, because of our love for classic hip hop and the fundamentals of the urban art form of the music itself. Dj T-bone was a true student of the game from the late 80’s straight through the 90’s and we would discuss how the music has lost a lot of its savor with the advent of more commercial rap on the radio. I remember the times we would chill at his house downstairs in the basement amid his many crates of records, music keyboards, turntables, and drum machines. In the video above this is a rare glimpse of his raw talent, the man and his music working out on the Technic 1200’s from his basement production lab, the very place where I would join him from time to time to work out myself when we got together. 

T-Bone was also an accomplished producer which most didn’t know, he help produced beats for the rapper  Ced-so and the Da Zelek, who thanks to him also shot this classic video footage from back in the day. The last Mix Tape project Bone produced was for the Da Zelek’s 9 Elements Ent. label entitled “Building an EmpireDa Mix Tape Vol.1 Da Foundation” which featured DJ T-Bone aka The Crowd Pleaser exemplifying true skool cutting and scratching  turntablism. We did shows together from the A.N.D. to Greenville and are some of my most memorable moments while spending time with him in the flesh. His name, legacy and contributions will live on in my heart and when I’m on the mic, for it was he who gave me the title “ Dj Tuc the A.N.D. Representa” on dj drops he would record for my mixes. 

Dj Tuc personally nominates you my friend/Dj colleague  for the A.N.D. Dj Ironman award forever and always when it comes to one of the dopest scratch dj’s from the city of Anderson. May you rest in peace my brother and I will always miss our turntable sessions down in the basement, you were and always will be to me the original A.N.D. “CROWD PLEASER” may you rest in peace, your friend and fellow DJ Partner forever DJ Tuc!!

Stan Pickens who also goes by the stage name Nimrod is another A.N.D. veteran emcee who hails from the west-side of the city. This raw Booker St lyricist is not new to the rap grind around the city by any means. He was one of the original crew members of the late nineties super group “South Flock” of which I will do an article on soon so stay tuned. But right now it’s time to put the spotlight on those who keep working hard to perfect their craft and Nimrod is no exception. He’s very good at what he does which is he speaks to the streets about what he sees around the city and what he knows about the hood. He’s a rare artist that comes with the lyrical flow that reminds me of a young “Andre 3000 packaged with the hood swag of Young Jezzy. What I mean is he’s not limited by subject matter or the style of music he’s dropping lyrical heat on. I’ve heard some artist that only seemed to excel or shine when they are in their preferred element, trap sounding beats only, (their comfort zone) but not in the case of Nimrod.

He’s from the true school era of hip-hop fundamentals and has evolved, adapted, metamorphosis over the years with the sound dialectic we hear booming out car systems, when cruising the streets of the A.N.D nowadays. The dope lyrical potency he spews over any track I’ve heard him on since his South Flock days is still intact if not better, no matter what type style he’s lacing. Whether the trap sound or a raw boom bap hip-hop soundscape, it never seems to bother his content or flow. I find that skill of his very remarkable, thus making him stand out from amongst many others. This to me establishes him in the category of the A.N.D.’s emcee elites.  The staff over at Yellow-Star Entertainment are very fortunate to have this former West- Side High alumni in the booth when he spits. I’ve heard him and Dj Nic have been known to collab on occasion on dope tracks produced by the self-styled “Mr. Electric City” producer/jock himself. 


Nimrod is street wise and street connected, a high caliber lyricist, that we should salute as a A.N.D. Ironman who has learn to adapt to the current sound of music but never forgot like most true schoolers “ that when you grab the mic you best have something to say, and don’t sound like or copy the next man”. It appears he remembers just that! I’ve never had the chance to work with him but always respected his skills. If you have never heard the brother, here’s a couple of classic tracks I like from him. ‘Pop the Top” and “Goin In”. Nimrod keep showing these new crop of rappers around the city how versatility combined with a dope delivery, a concentration on lyrics, will not only help keep you relevant but keep you respected by your peers for years to come. Make the Money but never let it Make you.  I salute my own from my city first, DJ Tuc  da A.N.D. Representa  since 96 & Much Respect Nimrod. Peace Out!!!  


  1. Ck out some hot music and tracks from all these guys at Big Shout out to them all! Peace, Mista Will

  2. Salute to the big homie DJ TUC for holding down ya boy!!! Along with his efforts to support the A.N.D. local independent Hip Hop cultural movement. Much love to everyone out there doing his/her thing as we share the friendly vibe and passion for which we all love.
    K-TRIK-E, Peeeace!

    1. What up Trik? We been down since the 90's when U were the dopest choreographer I ever met here in the city when chuck & I produced the all girl group the M.A.C. Good looking for letting me remix ur "Drop Dat Koochie" single. Thanks for da shout & taking time U are a A.N.D. Vet lett'em Hate!!!!

  3. Great job chop keep moving forward may GOD keep on blessing you oh and KAIOTIC great job my man

    Travis Green Tory Green Brother RIP




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  8. S/O to the big homie DJ TUC! Much love and respect my brother.

  9. Yo Tuc love the Iron Man article on our friend Dj T Bone! He was a genuine brother and he gave me a couple of jewels on turntable-ism. Gonna always carry that with me and pray that brother has found peace and bliss in his continued journey. Thanks T Bone! And how about that blogspot mobile app!!! Hot!!!! It gives me a quick navigation thru the site's pages on my phone. Much more convenient and straight up to date with todays technology! Tuc you always 9 steps ahead of the game. Keep pushin bro! One for HipHop and one for the A.N.D!!


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