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Monday, August 24, 2015

THE FOG---More Than Just Your Average Hookah Lounge!

The F.O.G. aka the Fog Lounge and Hookah Bar is becoming a serious night-life competitor among the rest of downtown Anderson’s elite entertainment establishments. 


The heat is on, and it appears the competition is running neck and neck placing their bid for your weekend party dollars. I mean literally neck and neck or step in step, due to the fact that this qazi-urban hookah dance bar is downtown 134-North Main St adjacent to the entrance of Club 134 which is located above and I’m guessing less than fifty-feet away from Johnny Angells another similar establishment which is an alternate hot-spot within walking distance. I penned a very favorable article months back about Johnny Angells, if you would like to read my review on that establishment simply use the search bar on this site and type in the name but I digress. Dj Nic as I can recall happened to be the jock that put me on notice about its burgeoning transition, from just a smoked out hookah lounge, to a more downtown urban dance spot to be taken seriously. I don’t smoke personally so in most cases with these type joints (no pun intended) it tends to be a turn-off for me socially, but never-the-less I can respect a legitimate business model hustle.

When I recount my first visit to the FOG folks, I must admit I was very skeptical due to the fact of my preconceived expectations and images of these typically smoked out places. I’ve traveled in and out of many (as in smoked out clubs) in my day and always detested the smoke in my cloths after I was done playing. Real Talk! After all Johnny Angells just a couple of doors down boasted a smoke-free atmosphere to boot. But to be fair to the FOG my experience was nothing like I envisioned initially, it’s very clean and has double glass doors that separates a glass enclosure area for the hookah smokers from the main entrance of the bar-room and the elevated dance floor. It has great ventilation and I never came out smelling like a cheap cigar. You all know the smell so don’t act like it’s just me as we say in da hood! (LOL)


Go Ladies pic 1#

I’ve spoken briefly with the big Willie who runs the place, and goes by the name of Shareef, upon my first impression he seems very competitive and business oriented, but of course if you’re downtown A.N.D. and in business you’d best be on-top of your game or be outta there in months. I must share one awkward encounter with my readers though, the first time I, accompanied by Dj Smash approached the entrance, a rather large curious white guy checking Identification from the side-walk noticed my Nikkon camera dangling off my shoulder. With arms folded and a blank expression on his face he asked “Who are You?” I replied and told him "I’m just an old skool veteran A.N.D. Dj and now I run and manage the fastest growing urban website in Anderson that provides an urban voice online for the city." He goes “KOOL” at least now I know who you are!  After that incident we both shared a laugh and I haven’t had a problem with entering since. Kool dude by the way.

The rather large and curious white-guy that greeted me at the entrance.. (LOL)

Notice the Police Cruiser parked in front outside in the middle of the  N. Main St. Median strip..

The FOG most weekends has a nice mixed and mingle crowd featuring a live Dj on Friday and Saturday nights. DJ Fresh and Dj Jam One recently have been added to their roster for certain booking dates, thus I assume to help galvanize and attract a more diverse weekend crowd to compete with Club 134 and or Johnny Angells. A couple of dancing female bartenders have been known to “ Git jiggy with it” by doing a ritual like dance atop the refined huge wood bar counter. It really is a choreographed and synchronize thing of beauty, that when performed, most of the regular customers seem to thoroughly enjoy the spectacle of this dancing dynamic duo.

They have a superb short-order food menu but to indulge the kitchen cuisine I’d suggest you get there early due to the fact that at around eleven pm the kitchen shuts down promptly. I sampled some of the lemon pepper wings yall, and must say they were full of flavor and served in a timely fashion. My compliments to the chef. Full personable efficient customer service with elaborate top-notch flair blended with your favorite bar brand drinks to order, makes the FOG a formidable and quite viable business staple on the downtown A.N.D. scene. An extra bonus for the security minded just in-case you were wondering, is that typically an A.P.D. (Anderson Police Department cruiser) is parked right out in front of the establishment on an island median in the middle of North Main St. downtown. 

Emcee Playa GOLD and Dj Smash checking out the FOG..

Go Ladies Pic #2

By no means am I implying your visit will be guaranteed drama free, but I am making it clear that if something jumps off the authorities will be there pronto to lock the perpetrators or perpetrator up in minutes. If you decide to take in a taste of the Anderson weekend night life downtown, the FOG is one venue to place on your list. The Fly ladies, fly-guys, ballers to businessmen, new skool, old skool Hip- Hop and RNB hits can all be taken in on any given weekend by making your way through and to the FOG.


Go Ladies Pic #3

For those who would like to dive into the experience of full flavored tobaccos (hookah) in a communal setting while enjoying today's popular hit music, you may wanna contemplate giving the FOG Hookah Lounge a go!!!

The A.N.D. Representa again Reporting Live….Dj Tuc