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Favor Brings Back The Flavor ---With Authentic Soul Food Cooking in Anderson!!!

Whenever there’s a new independent small business that opens that I’m particularly impressed with in the Southeast-Anderson area. I tend to attempt to do my part to let others in the community and also statewide know about either the great food and or services or both that I received after my experience. Favor Home Cooking is one such establishment and might I add, that ever since my first visit I’ve been constantly singing it praises when I encounter other people around the city of Anderson. Call me old fashion but word of mouth marketing was always effective even before the Facebook era. Some of the Lovely Ladies at Favor Home Cooking ... Favor home style cuisine is not new to those who may have patronized the Anderson County Country Club over the last year or so on Sunday evenings. This newly independent home cooking matriarchal up-start gained much notoriety with their affordable tasty meat and three soul food dishes. Of course when I employ this ty

Another A.N.D. Diva Salute- - - GO LADIES!!!

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here Anderson native Kimberly McDaniel ( pictured on the right ) this past fall was featured along side the super-talented actress and R&B soul songstress Jill Scott . The event was hosted by Charlotte’s Urban Adult Contemporary station   V 101.9 FM based in Gastonia.. Kimmy as I refer to her at times is a proud A.N.D. native and a good friend of whom I’ve known since my early middle school years here growing up in the city of Anderson. I was extremely over joyed for her when she shared the fantastic news with me semi-reluctantly ( not one to toot her own horn ) by phone adding to the intrigue with a dash of suspense as I recollect. She said “ you won’t believe who I’m pictured with on the V 101 website as of today ”?  She didn’t tell me initially of course ( building the suspense LOL ) but suggested I surf over to the V101 site and afterward call her back. Following her instructions I promptly c