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Breaking: Favors Once Again Favored By The People & The Anderson Independent!!

  DISCLAIMER from : Under the freedom of information act this article was originally published by the Anderson Independentmail & is being republished via this site for further dissemination for the readers in the Anderson Urban community. To which this site is dedicated, it is not intended nor to be assumed that the publisher or webmaster of this site takes credit in anyway for the content. Abe Hardesty is the original author of said content. Original article is found by clicking here . Murrie Glover enjoys explaining the unusual name of her Favor Home Cooking restaurant. "It's Favor, as in God's favor," Glover said Wednesday, near the end of a work shift at 117 E. Franklin St., where she relocated her family-operated business 15 months ago. The name addresses the fact that Glover, now 69, was without a substantial retirement income when she turned 62. A management career with a manufacturing company that went bankrupt left Glo