LEGENDS NITE 2014 Belton S.C.

Point blank without a doubt “The OLD SCHOOL LEGENDS PARTY” went off as advertised the sub-title of the flyer read as follows… “You Don’t Want To Miss This One” and I must say if you missed this fantastic event you’re going to want to kick yourself.  Allow me to share how it went down, in my case earlier that week I ran in to the former owner of Marvon’s Place known throughout the city for years as Club 28. You got it folks, the man who needs no introduction the one and only Mr. Lee Butler. He has switched gears and now has taken his many years of experience in the entertainment management game to the far outskirts of the city setting up shop in Belton, SC aka B-Town. 

 It’s about a twenty five minute drive outside of the A.N.D. heading east out Belton Hi-way. Trust me I know what I’m speaking of I’ve traveled out that way many times when I used to date a sista out that way. But hey that’s another story.(LOL)  Mr. Butler commenting on my site early on in the week, suggested I come out for this major show he was promoting and shoot some pictures. He assured me I would have no problem at the door getting in and so that Saturday March 1 2014, I hit my down azz assistant camera man Sheldon up, gave him the 411 grabbed extra batteries and out to the place they call Cheers Spiritz we headed that nite. We arrived early and just as I suspected when we arrived there were cars everywhere with all the ladies dressed to impress to say the least. Real classy not trashy fellas, you know what I mean! But then again when you have 3 city wide Dj legends in the building at the same time and at the same place, what would you expect. The Legendary Frankie “Jammin” Jay, the Legendary Two Tons of Fun and former 107.3 Jamz Jock turntable impresario the Legendary DJ Swan were definitely in full effect this nite. As soon as I stepped in the door the atmosphere felt electric with plenty people on the dance floor and keep in mind folks its around like ten thirty pm that really should give you a clear image of what I’m talking about.

Frankie Jay and Two Tons warming up early in the nite..
The Veterans taking pics & having fun as you can see..

Dj Swan working out on the 1's and 2's gettin busy!!!

Yes!!! The hallmark of a true old school party is when people are having a good time on the dance floor, this is something that’s missing a lot now a days.(PEOPLE DANCING HARD TO BELIEVE RIGHT?) Taking a cue from Mona Frankie Jays wife of whom I bumped into at a local Bi-Lo after this show recently before I started typing this article. She said Frank said it felt like the vibe of his old well known Simones Dance Bar & Grill early 2000. And frankly (no pun intended) I couldn’t agree more shouts out to Mona for sharing this almost forgotten insight back into the past.  Two Tons donned a purple colored suit as he commanded the mic and crowd, exemplifying the veteran skills of a true master of ceremonies stirring the crowd into a frenzy from the floor and the elevated dj booth. Frankie Jay was a little bit less formal in dress but the eye of the tiger still raged from within when I challenged him to performed his patent paaaaaaaarty chant which he can hold up to one minutes continuously. If you've never seen him do this live it's really a sight to behold folks and by the way he performed it flawlessly to the crowd's amazement. All the real old school simone players from Belton and the A.N.D area came out to make this event a sure shot success. Real party players like K.G. and BO James were on the scene reppin with Frank and Two Tons, & K.G. even grabbed the mic a couple of times during the night to pump up the dance floor as he is known to do. Over all I had a great time while shooting many pictures and taking lots of pictures with other people like my man BiG Rev who always supports and shows love to my website, he's a real one of a kind boss player for real.

Two of my fav Dj teachers from the A.N.D. and I will be forever in their debt as a proud student learning the art of rocking a show when watching them play....Special shout to Cedric "DJ Dr. C" Patterson who was also a big influence on me coming up........

Groovin on the dancefloor baby!!!
If you want the crowd ignited just pass the mic to K.G. & it's done nuttin left to say....

Of course I got my haters & they were there but not many I'm happy to report. Oh yeah and I can’t forget the entertaining dapper dressed self-styled always confident  Dj Master Q was in the house relieving  Dj Swan in between sets, dropping the classic old school joints keeping everyone locked in his smoove groove ent mix flow. Shouts out to Dj Ladie Pisces she’s been on the A.N.D. old school circuit for years at places like The POST she posed for my camera while enjoying the festivities during the night. Frankie Jay conveyed to me that he plans on doing about five shows this year and Im elated to have attended the first one of the new year. If you haven’t seen him and Two Tons get busy live before in your life, make sure you don’t miss the next time they put it down. Here’s some pictures and video just as a teaser to show you just what I mean. Of course this is Dj Tuc for South Movement Productions aka the A.N.D. Representa keeping it popping from the city streets to your part of town worldwide.......Peace Out!!!

Dj Ladie Pisces (in orange) with shawwna enjoying the catered cuisine that evening..

BiG Rev and I pose together for a quick pic. Rev is a true player everday all day in my opionion always supports me when we cross paths wherever..

Dj Master Q holding it down in showboat fashion from head to toe..

Owner Lee Butler and I pose for this pic with the smiling Ladie in Black...

I love to see people having a good time with no drama..

The smiles tell it all this nite  most every one I shot with the cam was really enjoying themselves..

Two Tons was in classic full swing commanding the mic on the stage where the Dj Booth was at....

2 stepping is still in I thought yall knew..(LOL)

What Time is It!!!!! Frank?

Frankie Jay let's Bo Bo Bo James know that he still has it......

Dj Star checks in and clearly enjoyed the atmosphere in this pic...

K.G. and Fankie "Jammin" Jay the originators & one half of the infamous "GET FRESH CREW"!!!!

  Frank and Two Tons aka The "Dynamite Duo"   at work...
               On the Floor with Dj Swan.....

                   Time to Crank it Up!!!
        Introducing Ladies and Gentlemen the   infamous "GET FRESH CREW"....


  1. thats wats up i wish i was there. Much luv Dj.Tuc 9 luv

  2. I finally sent a comment!n I like this website it keeps you updated with events in the surrounding area.

  3. Now that's a Paaaarr-Daaaee! In my Frankie J. voice...lol

  4. I'm proud to be apart of the greatness you've created in this A.N.D. Movement. Tuc, I apologize for missing this event, I know it was on and poppin' that night big cuz!


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