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Nice and Easy -- The Blueprint of How Loungin Can Turn a Dream Into a Reality!

20/20 and BiG Kuntry Slick pose together for this pic.. There’s a new Nice and Easy place in town , a new sweet spot to lounge for the grown folk if you will. If you like the sound of that keep reading? Most times many people and businesses in the past have boasted of catering to a mature adult atmosphere, accompanied with all the fancy colorful flyers to follow. But Ricky Washington whom also goes by the name “ Slick ” who hails originally from the Volunteer state of Tennessee apparently does not push hyperbole, nor needs flyers with scantily clad Big Bootie’s splashing on the covers to attract an audience.  Slick stands in front of his infamous " Wall of Fame "!! A.N.D. music Vet K-Trik-E is always found supporting positve local functions around the city. He relies on a simple tried and proven formula , and it’s called providing people with good hot wings, good service, a relaxed clean drama-free environment, and th