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Monday, August 13, 2018

K-TRIK-E...The A.N.D's 2018 Bounce Back Veteran Proves Why Once Again!!!!!!!

Michael Collier whose stage alias is K-TRIK-E( all caps as he often reminds me) is a recording artist/song writer for JETGLAM Ent that most locals in the city of Anderson are familiar with. Recently he released his forthcoming video installment titled “Thug Love” a martial arts infused narrative which explores life, love and betrayal through his visionary eyes, and artistic creative expression. When the A.N.D.’s veteran recording artist approached me about making a cameo appearance in his latest video conception, of course I had no reservations. We’ve shared mutual respect for one another for years.

You see, being acquainted with TRIK UNCEE since the early start of his burgeoning career in the mid to late nineties.

I’ve witness a few of his ups and downs, triumphs and failures as he traveled the rough and rugged road to his present-day metamorphosis into the resilient die-hard entertainment artist I know him as today. He’s been maligned by his detractors described as mediocre, overrated, can’t rap, too old, he isn’t this, doesn’t have that and the list goes on!

Now allow me to expound succinctly on what he does have, that maybe some of these envious would be “detractors” in reality dis-tractors, don’t possess or apparently over-look!

1.     A solid working track record in and around the A.N.D.’s entertainment community and beyond which spans over two decades. FACT!
2.     Countless hours of onstage experience in front of audiences which translates as marvelous stage presence. Which is only attained by hard earned experience. FACT!
3.     He’s an advocate of the Do-For-Self mind-set and encourages other artist young and old to work together through example, not just in lip service. His latest video demonstrates this. FACT!
4.     As a seasoned maturated veteran artist, he seeks to steer clear of today’s self-destructive thuggery, redundant pill popping messages in music, seemingly surgically saturating the air waves and marketed to our children. FACT!
5.     He demonstrates how, perseverance, and Integrity can breed longevity but may not necessarily ensure monetary success nor popularity.  FACT!

Clip from the Video, Recorded on location in North Anderson, SC

A great analogy of this today would be, such NFL athletes like Terrell Owens and Collin Kapernick. Before twisting your mouth up, allow me to illustrate this thought provoking parallel first. Both men have excelled in their respective fields but are loathed now in the media for essentially not conforming or challenging the accepted mainstream norms.

Sacrificing life, limb, millions of dollars, at the expense of being black balled (a derogatory term in itself) plus demonized for not being the quintessential team player.  Whether right or wrong, is subject to one’s interpretation or opinion. An opinion is just that, not FACT! These men similar in nature to the K-TRIK-E plight (NOT MONEY BUT IN PRINCIPAL) found it difficult to compromise certain principals they strongly held. Deciding to circumvent the Go-Along-To-Get-Along doctrine that so many stand in-lines to adopt this present day. Simply for acceptance and worldly wealth! These unique individuals will never win the popularly contest, revolutionary thinking seldom does.

History proves that!

 But if one is truly objective, it takes only a simple cursory look at an individual’s stat sheet. That is to say, we may not like a person’s character or maybe even personality but we must respect their accomplishments. Giving credit where it is due regardless of personal feeling is what some folks struggle in da A.N.D. entertainment pool to do. THOSE RULED BY LOWER EMOTIONS like ANGER, GREED,JEALOUSLY  and last but not least the destructive disease of SELF HATE!!

  I can empathize with K-TRIK-E on a certain level in that regard, because djtuc999 the brand has its detractors also as they scurry about thinking they are undetected. So, my advice to you brother is stay humble at all times, and continue to MASTER YOUR CRAFT. Promote harmony, culture, empowerment and watch the commercial conformist, that chase the almighty dollar surrendering their morals, fade quickly over time into oblivion along with there souls in tow!
For we the dedicated laborers of decades past OVERSTAND the fruits of mastering any skill.

And what is that you may ask?.......Preserving culture, giving in charity, honing fundamental’s will keep you employable and thus the money and opportunities will be chasing you and not the other way around.
Unlike the frauds, the posers, imposters, impersonators those with snake oil gimmicks but no real substance. Well…….. I WARN THEM,

Borrowing a timeless quote from a classic Slick Rick record called “Hey Young World


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IG: datdudektrike
Twitter: @ ktrike

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Peace da A.N.D. Representa

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