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K-TRIK-E...The A.N.D's 2018 Bounce Back Veteran Proves Why Once Again!!!!!!!

Michael Collier whose stage alias is K-TRIK-E ( all caps as he often reminds me ) is a recording artist/song writer for JETGLAM Ent that most locals in the city of Anderson are familiar with. Recently he released his forthcoming video installment titled “ Thug Love ” a martial arts infused narrative which explores life, love and betrayal through his visionary eyes, and artistic creative expression. When the A.N.D.’s veteran recording artist approached me about making a cameo appearance in his latest video conception, of course I had no reservations. We’ve shared mutual respect for one another for years. You see, being acquainted with TRIK UNCEE since the early start of his burgeoning career in the mid to late nineties. I’ve witness a few of his ups and downs, triumphs and failures as he traveled the rough and rugged road to his present-day metamorphosis into the resilient die-hard entertainment artist I know him as today. He’s been maligned by his detractors