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The A.N.D. Post Show 2012 Wrap Up!!

  Covering & Hosting the Kandaddy Show " Shirt courtesy of 9elements " This is what I called the 2012 A.N.D. end of the year post show wrap up. Get ready to check out  some of the flyest post show pictures from major events that took place in the last quarter of the year. As always  when traveling around Anderson County/City I bring it to you from a Dj's birds eye view not just in front of the camera lens but also from behind the scenes. Of course if you see peeps you know which you undoubtly  will feel free to leave comments or let them know they're up next live for their 15 minutes of fame. Shouts to all my peoples who support the site and when I'm on the camera or the Mic. A.N.D. stand up hope yall enjoy the effort and hard work put forth...More Pics coming soon...... Fresh & I pose for a pic at the delta sigma theta Ball.. 1421 was Live for the Lil Scrappy Show Dj Energizer from Croc's in Clemson poses for a pic!!  Nuthi