The A.N.D. Post Show 2012 Wrap Up!!


Covering & Hosting the Kandaddy Show
"Shirt courtesy of 9elements"
This is what I called the 2012 A.N.D. end of the year post show wrap up. Get ready to check out  some of the flyest post show pictures from major events that took place in the last quarter of the year. As always  when traveling around Anderson County/City I bring it to you from a Dj's birds eye view not just in front of the camera lens but also from behind the scenes. Of course if you see peeps you know which you undoubtly  will feel free to leave comments or let them know they're up next live for their 15 minutes of fame. Shouts to all my peoples who support the site and when I'm on the camera or the Mic. A.N.D. stand up hope yall enjoy the effort and hard work put forth...More Pics coming soon......
Fresh & I pose for a pic at the delta sigma theta Ball..
1421 was Live for the Lil Scrappy Show
Dj Energizer from Croc's in Clemson poses for a pic!!

Nuthin Like the Old Skool Crew

Nikki doin what she do!!
Dj A-war shows he luvs the Turntables..

Yo Dj Fresh turn it up player!!!

The A.N.D. players always reppin!!
DJ Scientist & Fresh getting down in the A.N.D.
What would we do wit out our lovely sistas at the door?..

Yes Scientist & I go waaay back folks  to the Club 2000 days I played Friday nites he played Saturday nites..
Scrappy chills in V.I.P. at 1421
Fresh pass me Mic its better when its LOUD, Cause I like to move the CROWD!!

Delta's pause to perform their sorority song during the nite...... 
The Original party Kat Daddy. Why? This brother can dance is azz off just ask your girlfriend..(LOL)
Quart making sure the tables & lights are straight at Break Time before the Show...

Dj Fresh's Wife (pictured in blue)  and her friend girl in this shot always showing support for her hubby at the big events here in the A.N.D...Here's to you and your tireless support Debra...
The Delta's do it Big at The Civic Center On MLK folks..Shouts Out to all those Sista's I really enjoyed myself...
Two Step is still popular as it ever was, aint nothing change as you can see..
I just Luv to see people still slow dance..

Dj Master Q is still always known for talking that Do! Do!
Dj T-Roc looks on as Dj Fresh completes a system check...

My Nuwaup Brothers in Full effect. 9love Yall Maan!!!You know how we do...
Lisa Lisa is all smiles when reppin Exquisite Ent.....

Eric aka "E Mack"  & a unnamed sista are dressed to impress..
A tale of Two Dj's Dj Fresh & son Dj how ironic huh!!!(LOL)
On MLK at the civic center making da crowd raise the roof..
Chillin wit the A.N.D.'s Favorite addict the dope young gunner Dj/Producer known as  Da Trak Addict!!!
Fly Ty (NY hat) chills with other A.N.D. shot callers..
When Keeping it real goes all Wrong . Translation the Party was turned out or somebody was drugg out.. take your Pick? (LOL) Dj Tuc reporting live from the A.N.D. folks

                       Friends of mine Richard and Clarissa enjoy a nice round of pool together..

Scrappy politicking in V.I.P. before he performs....

DJ A-war still clowin for the camera..(LOL)
BiG RoB aka RoB O is still the biggest Boss when on the scene..
A.N.D. Vets K-trik and Alpo aka Sammy Joe..
Is that the Kardashians on the floor at Break Time..(LOL)
And B is for Brandy not the drink yall, she loves to pose for the camera..(LOL)
Keith aka Keita Roc and wife original member of Edgefield's 283 boyz...
The Crowd is Crunk in the A.N.D...
Mack Daddy style on MLK gotta love it yeah!!!!!
Craig says "yo Tuc what happen to peace.."
Two Business Movers and Shakers in the A.N.D. Horace Alexander (MYWLAS Radio) & Reggie Hawthorne (MixMasters INC)
Dj A-war and Dj Flea always crowd pleasers for sho!!!
APD are known to turn the party out yall know how it goes some nites!!
Lil Scrappy hypes up the crowd on stage while surrounded by security..
Introducing Pero yall one of the dopest artist in the city & well known...
My man Quart throws up the dub while relaxing wit the homies..
Hot 98 Personality Ant Dizel poses with Wifey Anna..
Dj Jam One reinforces the stereotype that all Dj's are players.. Well most of us are!!!(LOL)
DJ T-Roc the definition of a Classy Jock...DO IT BOI!!!!
Dj Jamz cues up wit lil scrappys crew before he goes on stage..


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