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Rah EastWood is definitely " The One to Watch" Artist Spot Light

Check this Out yall I was at Onpoint last night performing one of my favorite weekend rituals, you know chopping it up with the fellas while awaiting my turn to get a fresh hair cut to end the week. As in most barbershops around the city this is a place to come relax for a moment and talk about politcs, religion, sports, music and of course the lastest neighbor hood haps. Onpoint is not your average barbershop tho let me explain. It doubles as a studio too so this is the perfect environment for me to kill some time when waiting for a trim. Playing some local music off my site (as I always do) I find is a kool way to give a lot of people some exposure to the different A.N.D. music flavors. To make a long story short everyone is bobbing to the sound of the tracks blasting in the background and one brother by the name of Ced mentions to me and says" Tuc you gotta have Rah Eastwood up on the site & have you heard of him "! I replied I hear alot about this kat and that I fir

2 Chainz blames directors for Illuminati occult messages in hip hop..

Rapper 2 Chainz blames music directors for the prevalence of Illuminati symbolism in hip hop videos, not artists like himself or Jay-Z. However, this doesn’t explain why occult symbolism also pervades other areas of popular culture, including television, advertising and fashion – or why Jay-Z himself openly sings about and promotes Illuminati and satanic memes.

Not Beats by Dre but Worth a Notable Mention suprised me wit the price & sound quality!!!

                              Xtraem Pro Series Studio Style HeadPhones Review: Usually I am very skeptical of inexpensive headphones. As a ole skool dj/producer I really care about how my music sounds. I don't like it muddled by extra noise. Just give me clear highs (I want to hear every beat of the hi-hat), nice mids and a banging low end I can feel in my gut. As well as being a good music lover I also am aware that people are interested in social status more so than anything else. But then again "THATS NOT ME !!!" As such,  Beats by Dre' headphones are top notch so thats not what im sayin at all. But If I can save money & not simp on quality I will no doubt!!!  I have to be honest, these Xtraem Pro Series headphones sound just as good, if not better than his and at this price, you just can't BEAT that. I learned never to just fall for hype and brand names but to test things for myself to get the facts then make my mind up. I would ca