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Erick "Easy E." Maddox--- The UnOfficial Untold Story..Until Now! "EXCLUSIVE"

Erick ( Easy E ) Maddox  Once upon a time during my school days ( not the Spike Lee version ) as a Scotsman or for those unfamiliar with the term this means those of us who graduated from McDuffie High . Most were not Scottish but we were the few the Proud,   from a High School that basically resided smack dab near the center of Anderson’s South-Side, where most of us late eighties alumni can remember two things that will go down in infamy. Easy E performing at the VFW 2015  One being the popular-packed Friday Night lunchroom jams provided by Cedric Patterson also known as my mentor slash Dee-Jay legend Dj Dr. C and the other is this light-skinned off the dome freestyle rapping dude named Erick Maddox that moved from up north down to the A.N.D. in August of 1984 along with his brother at the threshold of the GOLDEN ERA . This probably doesn’t amount to any significance in the minds of trap rapping millennial's by today’s standard but in those days not man