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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

D-ROB, SWAGOVALOAD and DJ LOUD produce a Street-Gritty Mixtape Classic..

Demetrius Robertson aka D-RoB known by the alias “MoneyBags” in years past, has recently release his latest A.N.D. solo Mixtape biopic titled “Straight Outta Los Anderson” on Swagovaload Entertainment. Since the release of the motion picture “ Straight Outta Compton” the “Straight Outta” theme has really become popular among the young and old.

Straight Outta Los Anderson Mixtape Track Listing download it here...
D-RoB got at me making sure I was aware of his most current gritty street heater hosted by one of my favorite young up and coming turn-up trap Dj jocks by the name of Cameron Terry aka Dj Loud. I remember meeting Loud at Break Time one evening for the first time during one of his signature turn up Dj sets. I love the drop where he says “ We Fooly” I think it’s so original. D-Rob employs his raspy rap skills while using the street persona in this installment as O.G. Gas Bags aka the “Westside Mayor” who represents the tough under world street life and drug culture of the A.N.D.’s Los Anderson mentality.

 Let me make this clear right here, all the views expressed or espoused on this mixtape is from the mind and thoughts of D-Rob and featured artist from their own personal experiences on the streets inside the city of Anderson. I don’t condone violence but realize that it is a fact that most of our young people are force fed through pop culture daily in one form or another. It doesn’t mean I advocate all the messages contained but rather so I have a deep respect and overstanding of artist who deliver the uncensored, unfiltered gruesome realities of what they may actually have observed or participated in on the street for survival.

D-RoB aka O.G. Gas Bags and I shoot this promo pic just letting everyone know in the city that I still support good local music and artist as I have since the  90's...

 The Good the Bad and the Ugly of the A.N.D.’s trap sub-culture referred to as “Los Anderson” is what D-RoB captures in this sixteen track banger that features lyrical cameos from rappers King Blonka, Toogie, H.G., S-K and P.O.P who all lyrically “pulled-up and handled their business.”  The self-styled Westside Mayor hails from, as to be expected  the city’s Westside and can be heard shouting out streets like Martha Drive, Crescent drive, West Franklin St. and hoods like West-View Heights that are well known by all  from that part of town. The bulk of the music production is handled by Dj Nitemare, Lionz Klubb, Pro Beats, Trapteam and the super dope producer from the A.N.D. who produced the soundscape to Rich Homie Quan’s hit track “Some Type of Way” the talented Young Carter aka Carter X.

D-RoB and company have mastered taking listeners behind the scenes of the sensational newspaper headlines, and evening news sound bites, in order to give all within earshot of his vocals a vivid imagine of the Los Anderson trap-life in one of the most notorious drug infested parts of the A.N.D.  Swagovaload  is really becoming one of the premiere entertainment label’s specializing in the Anderson trap-rap sound of the city while also promoting his website and his hip-hop app available on google play and the app store . O.G. Gas Bags, King Blonka and P.O.P. really shine on the track “Pull Up” they provide an introspective to all other trap rappers in the upstate of S.C. of how dem boyz with the Los Anderson Mentality “Pull Up and Handle their Business” when you come to our city.
Swagovaload and I bump into each other on the streets of the A.N.D. and pose for this quick pic recently...

The track “So Swaggy” really goes as hard as any other hood anthem that you’ve heard from your favorite rapper in the last twenty-four months. It’s just that dope yall give it a listen on a booming system because with this thumping bass driven song you won’t be disappointed. The song “Hula Hoop” re-lives every man’s sexual fantasy if every you’ve had that type of hood chick who knew just how to Hula Hoop it in the bedroom. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination without being too graphic, but the fellas all know what I mean. D-RoB has really stepped it up since I first encountered him on the infamous “Gutta_Brothaz” project called “Weight Muzic” years back when he teamed up with Cartel Eastwood, known then as Rah Eastwood from the Eastside of the city. We need more of our talented artist doing what they did and that’s coming together because “it ain’t where you from always sometimes it’s where you are at.”

Dj Loud at work in the booth gettin "Fooly" show-casing his signature style around the city. You can check out his mixtapes by clicking here..

 For instance, I’m from the Southside but I support all the real grinding talented artist in my city no matter what part of town, because we all are from Anderson or reside in Anderson and that’s where we are at, ya dig? As an example in my hood and community I let the many articles I’ve written speak for themselves. 

O.G. Gas Bags and Dj Loud compliment each other so well on this mixtape edition letting all know in the upstate and beyond that there's a B-side to the A.N.D. and it’s called “Los Anderson. “Big Salutes go out to D-RoB, DJ Loud and Swagovaload for bringing this project to all inquiring minds and ears. Now go give it listen and see what I’m saying for yourself. All parents be warned parental advisory is suggested. Sound off in the comments section if you would like to leave your feedback or opinions, its always welcome.

                                                                                                                   Peace... Dj Tuc-da A.N.D. Representa

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The GROWN & SEXY Black Friday Weekend Affair - Presented by DJ NIC

For those who don’t plan to attend the 2015 Black Party at the T.D. Convention Center this year featuring Stephanie Mills, my man Dj Nic and Twentytwenty Music have given all a scaled down alternative version A.N.D. style for the holiday weekend. November 28, 2015 at the V.F.W. Post 6089 DJ Nic and company have planned what probably will be a sensational atmosphere that night titled the “Grown and Sexy Homecoming Gathering” live from Anderson, SC. 

This will be a grown folk affair as indicated so please come with your grown folk style of dress and attitude. It will also be featuring prizes for the best dressed couple and live entertainment featuring a musical performance by “Mz Gemini” and the T.K.O. Band for those who enjoy grass roots talent.

 For those who enjoy drama free environments please come out and support. A lot of negative things are taking place in the world right now, remember to be an example by giving back at this time, and helping others by utilizing positive works that effect change. Shouts out to Dj Nic and company for attempting to do just that. Hit Dj Nic up on FB if you have  additional questions, this has been a djtuc999 A.N.D. P.SA. (Public Service Announcement)

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Monday, October 26, 2015

What Resident A.N.D. AUTHOR Landed in The XXL Rap Mag? (BUT YOU MISSED IT!)

Two years ago in conjunction with Break-Time entertainment I honored a lot of my entertainment peers in the city of Anderson. There were awards given, pictures taken and the whole nine yards as they say, it was a success to say the least and I titled it “ The A.N.D.’s Most Wanted Movers and Shakers Labor Day Weekend Event”. The reason I recap this unprecedented moment in time is due to the fact that if you go back and read the award recipient list for that special-nite, you will see that the notable mention honoree’s includes this brother named Raymond Francis.

Mr. Francis is a writer/publisher who resides in Anderson of whom I had the pleasure to meet some years back being he’s a huge fan of classic quality Hip-Hop from the era of lyrical giants such as Nas, Outkast, Jay-Z, and Scarface much like myself. I became so impressed with his work and just as a person over-all I went on to feature this brother in an article spotlight in February of 2013 classifying Raymond Francis as a “literary Phenom” partly due to his vast independent book selection available on amazon that most people in the city of Anderson have never heard of, or maybe have and just refuse to acknowledge his writing acumen as a local African-American book publisher. 

But of course I couldn’t let his latest unsung achievement over the summer of 2015 go unnoticed, because what type of A.N.D. journalistic Representa would I be? I make it my business to highlight the various talented individuals from my city or that may reside in my city, who attempt to provide an alternative positive example that’s helping to combat the negative images seen frequently of young African Americans in the Andersonindependentmail newspaper, or seen as the top story of Fox Carolina’s evening news. I challenge these media outlet types to try to cover more of us in the urban community doing positive things if you are reading this article.  

We need more urban voices that reflect the positive movers and shakers and Mr. Francis definitely qualifies as one because he popped up in a  well respected publication such as XXL magazine that featured Meek Mills and Rick Ross on this edition cover as seen in the posted pictures above. Raymond Francis is a talented excellent writer of which I told the city years back, not to mention he’s an overall kool down to earth type guy on a personal level. Nobody was listening then but I bet they will take notice now! To all those side-line haters now is the time to chill where the cooler is…Keep up the good work and welcome to the A.N.D. Ray.--------- Peace Dj Tuc

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