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The New Envy Ultra Lounge: The Verdict is In - - - THE GROWN & MATURE HAVE SPOKEN!!!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting one of the newest “ GROWN & MATURE ’’ night life hot spots in the A.N.D., that I’d been hearing a lot of buzz about lately. It’s known as  “ Envy Ultra Lounge .” We’re all familiar with the kind of barbershop slash salon reviews that most of us are accustomed to when out about moving around the city. Feel me? This was a really special occasion for me personally, allow me to give you a little more insight as to what I’m speaking about. Envy Ultra Lounge is located in the south-east section of the city at 3425 S. Murray Ave . in Anderson SC, over the years the location has under gone different management changes and thus different names through out the years.  For instance it’s been formerly known back in the day as Club Ciara , and when I last played there in an official turntable Dj capacity, before my retirement in 05 it was named Club Envy ironically. So now with that small and brief back story, I hope you can cl