The New Envy Ultra Lounge: The Verdict is In - - - THE GROWN & MATURE HAVE SPOKEN!!!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting one of the newest “GROWN & MATURE’’ night life hot spots in the A.N.D., that I’d been hearing a lot of buzz about lately. It’s known as  “Envy Ultra Lounge.” We’re all familiar with the kind of barbershop slash salon reviews that most of us are accustomed to when out about moving around the city. Feel me? This was a really special occasion for me personally, allow me to give you a little more insight as to what I’m speaking about. Envy Ultra Lounge is located in the south-east section of the city at 3425 S. Murray Ave. in Anderson SC, over the years the location has under gone different management changes and thus different names through out the years.
 For instance it’s been formerly known back in the day as Club Ciara, and when I last played there in an official turntable Dj capacity, before my retirement in 05 it was named Club Envy ironically. So now with that small and brief back story, I hope you can clearly see now, why going back there to review the Ultra Lounge was so significant to this brother. My homie Dj Smash and I decided to roll out to the ultra-lounge this night, and we were really impressed with the new direction, new interior upgrades, that the new owners have implemented. For starters the age limit will be considered a breath of fresh air to many (if it continues to be enforced) Men 35 & Up and for the Ladies 32 & Up and of course the dress code is for the mature.

 They have really recreated that cozy old skool lounge atmosphere utilizing the ambient royal blue furnishing décor throughout the bar and dance floor area. Really impressive!!! Dj Valentino and Dj Jam One hold down the weekend action spinning the very best in new and mostly old skool classics. Other guest Dj’s also will pop in from time to time keeping everything fresh. Holloway's Photography is frequently in the building to help capture those memorable moments, for you and that special someone for the evening. Overall I had a pleasurable time talking with folks, old friends and acquaintances while shooting pics & recording video.

 I like the direction they are heading with the GROWN & MATURE theme and if they stay on course, as their slogan indicates on the official Facebook page for Envy Ultra Lounge “Great People Deserve Great Times”. With this simple formula in mind they are currently employing, I see no reason why “Great Times” for the ''Great people'' of Anderson wouldn’t be accompanied with much success. No longer can the skeptic haters say “There’s no safe place to lounge at for an evening for us grown folks” your cries have been heard! Now stop crying, go out and support the great effort the folks at Envy Ultra Lounge have put forth. Pics and video below, ya’ll know how I do it, always encouraging any and all to leave comments. NOW SOUND OFF and enjoy the pictures!!! Peace The A.N.D. Representa” Tuc…

Dj Valentino keeps the crowd entertained with his signature music & video show style...

Brother Dante Holloway of Holloway Photography delivering nothing but the best in quality pictures... 

Hump aka "Pops" is nothing short of classic as he rocks the old skool "Kangol" head piece..Now Dats Fly!!

Oh how I love smiling faces- when on attractive women!!

Wes and Dawg Face always in the place to be!!

The "Soul Train Line" is still as popular as it was when I first saw it on TV as a  teenager..(LOL)

K.G. rocks the Mic as he has always done for years!!!

Yvette a long time friend & school mate of mine enjoys herself & throws it up for the camera..

Two stepping on the floor at its finest at the Ultra Lounge..

Dj V and  I  pose for a quick cameo shot...

Go Ladies!!!!!

Post Update: 2015 New Year’s Extravaganza - Envy Ultra Lounge (Revisited)
It seems the Year 2014 had come and gone in the twinkling of an eye in the A.N.D., and what better time for the grown and mature to come out and play again, for the heralding in of 2015. The Envy Ultra Lounge staff and security team really out did themselves by providing first class entertainment for those mature folk, all over in and around the city of Anderson and Ga. The Mid-Day Mommie Kelly Mac from 107.3 Jmz along with her “Ryde or Die BestyKimmy Mc.D (a native of Anderson) celebrated the incoming new year right here inside the city of Anderson. Top Billing A.N.D. jocks enlisted for this unprecedented ticket were Dj Terry B and Dj Jam One
Being summoned to appear by my good friend Kim, so of course I just had to be there. I jumped at the opportunity at the last minute, did the early sound and mic check with the mixologist Terry B, just to make sure their cordless Mic’s sounded nice before their arrival. The whole Ultra Lounge Staff that nite were very professional and dressed to impress in formal attire. I have to tip my hat for the hard work and superb job the Ultra Lounge Team put forth in hosting this event with all the fabulous balloons and Happy  New Year 2015 props etc.. It was a huge success and I (Dj Tuc) would personally like to extend my gratitude to any and all who participated at this event. It was personally conveyed to me the following day and I quote " Kelly Had a Blast" an actual fact. Dem real A.N.D. players don’t hate success we congratulate it.  That’s why I was & still am referred to as the A.N.D. Representa, now here's a few pics to provide you with that down home down to earth perspective….Peace Tuc

Dj Jam One and Dj Terry-B

Props to Bro Dante Holloway for this shot here..

My man Fly Ty his Boo Thang!!

The Mid-Day Mommie & I chill again on stage. FYI: She also showed me a couple of old skool CLEVELAND dance moves on the floor. GO KELLY!!

When I grab the mic I make sure them Ladies get up out of their seats...Tuc don't Play that sitting down stuff...(LOL)

Chico reps that 2015 Envy Ultra Lounge style..

Birds eye view from the Dj Booth!!

Shouts out to Pretty Tony in da building...

My Long time friend Uncle Phil still holding it down.

DJ/entrepreneur  BiG Ray was in the building son!!

Just sending some Dj Luv to my smiling friend Kimmy on stage..

Smiling Cutie Pies on stage..


  1. Yo Tuc thanks 4da the pictures & the vid footage they was jamming all up in the place. I like what U doing 4da whole city keep doin da do playa...ant live

  2. Hello Mr Dj Tuc I found your site by clicking a link someone dropped on Facebook. Gotta say I was impressed wit your work (site) & how classy & informative it is on the urban scene in Anderson. Remember you from the black party do you remember me. Hit me up for real ..Lisa H

  3. Thanks for the support sis but FYI it ain't all peaches and cream I've had a few people betray & back stabb a brother lately over selfish silly stuff you wouldn't believe, & mostly women. Just venting!!(LoL) Its nice to hear a sista that admires my work & YES I do remember U from the Black Party what a surprise damn!!! ha! ha! I love a Go Getta..Peace Tuc

  4. Great Job on the website!

  5. Great pictures, looks like the guest are having a great time. I love the fact that we have a grown and sexy in Anderson.

  6. It's about time there was a spot where we can see what's happening here in entertainment.

    1. Mr. Stewart thanks for checking in an also appreciating the hard work I'm trying to put forth on behalf of the city. I peeps like you that make all the time & effort well worth it...Thanks again!! Tuc

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