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Anderson Cell, Dj Tuc and The Hit AMC series "The Walking Dead" what do they all have in common?

It’s 2014 and 2013 is now in the annals of the history bin, but fear not for with the new year comes about new change. This twelve month calendar year begins for me with the spotlight being gleamed on a special team in the A.N.D.’s plethora of rising entrepreneurs. These guys are making alot of noise on the street with their cellphone and gold exchange grind here on the city’s far North West side of town. Who am I speaking of so lavishly? Of course the electronic power players over at Anderson Cell who have been shaking things up a bit on the digital communications scene by garnering the attention of the competition throughout a ten to twenty mile radius all over Anderson County. They have found a way to reshape and renew how business is done without alienating or rendering people as just mere customers.  They have discarded the old business as usual approach which is so dated nowadays, for an intuitive more innovative formula of recognizing people as “ clients ” and not andr