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The Daddy Denominator..Fact or Fiction? YOU DECIDE!

  Op-Ed Written By: Guest Editor Simply Sisireia & republished By One man, five women and seven children .  Doesn’t seem real , but it is and it is more common than you may think.  This is something that has become somewhat of an epidemic, especially within the black community; multiple women sharing children by the same man. What’s more important sometimes in these situations, is the fact that the children suffer the most.  Sometimes the adults are so selfish that they neglect the most precious and undoubtedly the most positive things to come out of these situations, the children.   Children Are The Future. Yours and Mine.. I want to speak to women that may be in these situations.  Specifically I want to say, Stop depriving your children of relationships with their siblings because you are angry with the way things turned out between you and their father. So things didn’t work out, that’s no reason to keep your children from g

How One Of The Greatest DJ Tributes Came To Fruition In The Summer Of 2018--In da A.N.D.

Pic from the actual show.  It's been a week or so , since one of the greatest summer show events took place on the out skirts of the city of Anderson. Also, it’s been a while since I last had the time to drop a fresh new article up on my site. In a way I guess that could be a good thing, because that means I have had less time due to obligations, involving family, spiritual improvement, shows and business clientele. I feel at this stage in my life and career I’m fortunate that a lot of people still think of my Dj skill set as viable.  And as for insignificant negative folks i.e. " haters " I think is the termed used nowadays, I'm to busy involved running my business, my brand, and helping other like minded folks making differences in the community to pay any attention. No better example of this than at the DJ Super Police Commemoration Weekend of June 30’ 2018 in remembrance of an Anderson legendary Dee-Jay that was well known for his vibrant pe