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One man, five women and seven childrenDoesn’t seem real, but it is and it is more common than you may think.  This is something that has become somewhat of an epidemic, especially within the black community; multiple women sharing children by the same man.

What’s more important sometimes in these situations, is the fact that the children suffer the most.  Sometimes the adults are so selfish that they neglect the most precious and undoubtedly the most positive things to come out of these situations, the children.

Children Are The Future. Yours and Mine..

I want to speak to women that may be in these situations.  Specifically I want to say, Stop depriving your children of relationships with their siblings because you are angry with the way things turned out between you and their father. So things didn’t work out, that’s no reason to keep your children from getting to know their brothers and sisters. They are family, no matter how you feel about it. That will never change. There is a way that parents can come together for the sake of their children. Let us stop raising children that are angry with people that you won’t even allow them to get to know because your feelings got hurt or your ego was bruised.

In reflecting on the current state of the “United States of America,” we are more divided than ever. We are divided as a nation, we can’t afford to be divided within our own communities. Now, more than ever, it is time for us to join together. It’s time out for acting irresponsibly and immaturely. Our children are watching us and counting on us. How can we expect things to get better if we aren’t willing to show them the right way.

Controversial Father's Day Card Pulled from stores in June 2018

Parenting is all about sacrifice. We have to put away those hurt feelings, move on with our lives and stop making our children pay the ultimate price for our mistakes. Our children aren’t mistakes–allowing ourselves to get involved with someone outside of a healthy relationship is on us. We have to own that!!!

The sooner that this ownership takes place, the sooner we can come together for the sake of our children and for our communities. The children are our future. If we don’t teach them the importance of unity within their own family, how can we expect to come together to unite for the good of the community, for the good of the world?

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  1. Speak that Truth to Power Girl!! Now let's see them run tell that. Macy J.

  2. Simply Sisireia this is a subject a lot of women can relate too. Thank You sincerely Janice Adams

  3. thanks for ladies for the comments on this article..I love when you all speak your mind..Really I Do!! Peace Tuc

  4. She gotta cute face who she B?


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