How One Of The Greatest DJ Tributes Came To Fruition In The Summer Of 2018--In da A.N.D.

Pic from the actual show.

 It's been a week or so, since one of the greatest summer show events took place on the out skirts of the city of Anderson. Also, it’s been a while since I last had the time to drop a fresh new article up on my site. In a way I guess that could be a good thing, because that means I have had less time due to obligations, involving family, spiritual improvement, shows and business clientele. I feel at this stage in my life and career I’m fortunate that a lot of people still think of my Dj skill set as viable. 

And as for insignificant negative folks i.e. " haters" I think is the termed used nowadays, I'm to busy involved running my business, my brand, and helping other like minded folks making differences in the community to pay any attention.

No better example of this than at the DJ Super Police Commemoration Weekend of June 30’ 2018 in remembrance of an Anderson legendary Dee-Jay that was well known for his vibrant personality and signature police siren imitation on the mic in the mid-eighties. Hence the title “Police”. The weather was perfect that evening and the mood of the audience in attendance was electric, plus permeating  in the air with anticipation of the celebration at hand. The all-star lineup of some of the A.N.D.’s top jocks ready to set the stage a blaze at the Anderson VFW Post 6089 located on Scarborough Rd.

Names like DJ Terry B, DJ Jam One, DJ T-Rock, DJ Flea, DJ Big Mike, DJ Fresh and of course yours truly. With the exclusion of Big Mike most of the guys on this ticket have travel around the Dj circuit multiple times around the city of Anderson for years. Earning well deserved accolades and hard-earned reputations. As I helped to co-orchestrate this event along with Terry B that evening, speaking with various people, most stopped me momentarily to share their thoughts.

Comments such as,” I respect what you guys have come together to do” others enunciated “we appreciated what you are doing to celebrate him [DJ Police] and honor his family. That was only a few comments that I remember, but there were many wonderful others.

At this time allow me to share with all the back story to provide a bit of context of how the whole idea and event came about. Straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

Most active Dj’s new and old in the A.N.D. (Anderson) are familiar with me through computer repairs, Dj laptop set-ups, clean-ups, my podcast, reputation and or sales at ECPElectric City Pawn” downtown Anderson.  Dj T-Rock whom I’ve personally known since the record “Planet Rock” and the Boom Box were in style. I know right, we go back like Cadillac seats. I don’t mind go ahead and laugh! But back to business, T-Rock initially came up with the idea months ago to celebrate the beloved Super Jock by doing a show. He was to contact his wife at his job, due to the fact they worked at the same place at that time. I think it was on the campus of A.U. Anderson University if my memory serves me correctly. Unfortunately, Roc who is always involved in actives with his young musically talented two daughters, was forced to delay the idea for a brief period.  

So as fate would have it, Dj Jam One brings his laptop into the shop because of an issue with Serato (a DJ Software) he wanted me to look at. Approximately 15 minutes after, Dj Terry B stops in briefly from cruising in the downtown Anderson area, on his spider three-wheeler motorcycle. It should not be a surprise, that when three or more DJ’s convene spontaneously they typically tend to talk about Dj-ing, music and shows. Right here is the cream prelude to one of the biggest summer shows as it sprang to life.  Pushing forth, if not the greatest thus far, celebratory show commemorating a popular, hometown DJ legend here in the city of Anderson.

It been a while since the jocks got together, like they did at Pompidoes years ago.” I remarked in conversation. Referring to the former Club on Hi-way 28 back then, with a show entitled “Return Of The Dj’s Live." Featuring a bevy of Anderson’s prominent Dj’s, New Skool & Old school. Such names as Dj Lawyer Scott, Dj Front Row Joe, Dj Master Q, Dj Two-Tons, Dj Super Police, Dj T-Rock, Dj Gary B, Dj Pimp, Dj Fresh Dj Master D, and myself folks.

Caption of the original Return of the Dj's poster from 2010 pics at top portion of photo.

So now that you have been well informed, shall we proceed.

Terry replies as I am paraphrasing” That would be good, let’s put something together then!”
I respond in kind “ Dj T Rock had pitched to me an idea he came up with, and that is he’s interested in doing a show in honor of Dj Super Police because him and I remembered doing a show [Pompidoes 2010] with him.
Sounds great I like it, I’ll call Rodney (he Books events at our local VFW) & few more jocks and see can we get a date” he replied. And as you now know……The REST IS HISTORY!! 

Hopefully the record is set straight for any and all who were curious. If you missed this show and live in the Anderson area, you lost out on one of the most heart-felt, compassionate, positively energized tributes that the urban Dj and entertainment community of Anderson has put forth to date. This is my opinion of course some will say. But I’ve been in both sectors for over two decades and you would be hard press to find another active urban music historian in this city who knows it like I do. Check out the Live Sets inserted in this article folks!!


Peace Dj Tuc da A.N.D. Representa

Dj Tuc is a well known legendary respected ground breaking dj, producer, promoter, remixologist, writer, freelance photographer, emcee,businessman, blogger from the city of Anderson,SC and is the founder and publisher of the website and djtuc999 the mobile apps which are available on Google Play  and the Apple app store also visit our Official facebook page at Facebook/ and djtuc999TheMobileApp Podcast is now Live in the iTunes Store.  


  1. Yo Tuc banging write up,sum hate sum imitate, but dey can't duplicate an original. And dat you are homie real talk. Danny P

    1. Thanks I just try to let my work speak for itself it was a great show hope you were there. Peace Tuc

  2. DJ TUC... I just read another Top Notch Write-Up at it's best. Salute to Da A.N.D. Representa!

    1. NO Hype-NO Hate-NO Debate..We Let Our Work Be Our Proof. Thanks TRIK!

  3. I hear alot about this dj tuck from Anderson,after seeing you in Greenville I google you and I'm glad I did. It appears you do much more than I thought initially. Would love to work with you. Will send you a friend request on Fb. Angela

  4. Thanks you, yeah people tend to say i'm not your average Dj when they meet me or google me. Appreciate your comment so much.. Anpu aka Tuc

  5. I had the pleasure to attend this awesome showcase of dee jays and I must say the talent that Anderson is phenomenal. Not only the music but the write up on this article by DJ Tuc is pure literary genius. Kabur! keep up the good work, stay focused and I'm looking forward to your next article.

    1. Thanks for the positive unwavering show of support. I couldn't do it without you ladies so nice to know you enjoy my works..GO LADIES!! (Smile)

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