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4-4 Water--- Wants To Know How You Feel Now? (Must See Video)

Make no mistake , it gives me great pleasure to help get behind Lerion ( 4-4 Water) Walker and doing my part to help assist this brother with the promotion of his new forthcoming album #NOSleepCampaign 2.0.  I've done this for many artist and also Dj's from the City of Anderson (da A.N.D.) for many years now. I ask for no reward, recognition or special favors from none.  Most folks that know of me, know my track record and organically respect me for my work. Its not really work when one loves what they do. First things first though, I've known 4-4 Water for years and I'm not the bandwagon jumping type. So for you naysayers who would  suggest differently, you had best check my resume' and I will check yours to see your body of work, when supporting other than yourself. It frustrates me in a sense when hard working artist from the A.N.D. like 4-4 have been grinding for years, producing quality lyrical content, mixtapes, solid musical production and his own