Cruising round the A.N.D. City" Its a Photo Shoot"

Kenny Lee aka Kenny "Diamonds" Chillin with Dj Flea

Myself at my upteenth show I've lost count yall!! (LOL)

BiG K (King of the Wings) & Ms Lisa reppin exquisite ENT.
Kenny Diamonds & I pose for a quick shot...
BiG Kuntry Slick chilling at his OnPoint Studio.....
Dj Fly Guy and Dj Awar pose before a show for the camera...

Me and the A.N.D's Baddazzis Veteran "BiG Biz"yall.
Dj Terry B and Dj Master C making sure the system is sounding proper folks.

Dj T-Roc one of my favorite old skool jocks in the City
Rappers Trey Styles & Been Benson throw it up..

Sexy Ladies wanting "another Refill"
Dj Fly Guy and Club owner RG gettin it in.....

Dj Jam One and Dj Terry B checkin the CDJ's before a gig.

Dj Master Q checking out Serato Scratch Live..

Dj Flame throws it up for the camera between his mix while spinning at 1421...

Chillin with the A.N.D's emcee Legend Correseptic, always showin the haters what he thinks..
Been Benson reppin true Hip Hop fly gear..

Renown entrepreneur of business events & party promoter Jamie Rice..
DJ Master C & T-Roc look on at the crowd...

Professional A.N.D.Photographer  Dontae Holloway Reppin his biz Holloway Photography..

Dj T-Roc and Dj E-40 from Ga....
Actor/comedian Weasel posing at video shoot for belton Rappers N.B.H.

The unprecedented Walmart show with yours truly on the Mic....

BiG K and Dj Fresh playing it Kool...

We Dj's Have no problem with the ladies as T-roc clearly proves in this shot...

Female Rapper Monica Notes Blowing off sum steam..

Rapper TRe Styles giving a shout out to all his peeps from DUB Town (Williamston,SC)  checking in...

Rapper G.Q. Sliding thru da SouthSide showin off dat Clemson Swagg." Digital ankle bracelet not included folks!

Wave ya hands in the Air & wave 'em like you just don't care..(LOL)

Look Close dats A.N.D. Rapper/Actor Kaiotic dippin down S.Fant street from his Video "Hop in the Bucket"

BiG Kuntry Slick & P Noyd in da A.N.D. sho they Hustle Hard..


Posing with The A.N.D.'s Go Hard Commander & Chief Prafessa..

Corresept pauses from a game of pool making sure haters get the point again and again!!!

Kandaddy & Smoke (Baddazzis fame) take a pause for the cause..
This is one brother who needs no introduction around the city. I've been knowing him for years & he pops up from time to time just let me know he still supports what I do.
I call him "E Luv" ladies & Gents he's forever on his grind..

Kandaddy artist Pre-Show rehearsal..

Lil Timme the suave producer of Chaos Music..

Dom aka "the promoter"from Columbia Record Pool thows up the peace sign!!

My Man Spark always ready to handle Security Biz at BreakTime..

Dj Fresh and his Clemson University Fan Club..

BiG Erick George Standing Guard for Security at 1421 wishing a hater would!!(LOL)

Dj Flea shows why he's  " The Live Motivator"
The Original A.N.D. "Get Fresh Crew" K.G. & Bo! Bo! Bo! James..

Bartenders Nikki & Anna Pose for a quick Pic...
Owner of Break Time BiG Chris and Dj Master D, chill with Hot 98.1 personality Ant Dizel..

Young gunner Dj 2Skill checks in with his old lady..

Kool Keith with the A.N.D. Swagg..

Dj Fly Guy gettin Busy at RG's...

Dj Flea and Dj Terry B Holding it down at 1421..

Kat and Ms Lisa with the big smile rep Exquisite Entertainment..

Dj Rain came to "A" and took a quick Pic for the camera...

My Man Sheldon says he digging the website...

Rachelle Shows off here new Tat....

Tuc & Tone aka Radio Personality Tone Hollywood from Hot 98.1..

Dj Master D in this pic reminds me some how of a 2Chains Song. All I want for my birthday is a... (LOL)
When Go Hard A.N.D. Westside Reed St. MC Vet Geechie Black is on the scene the ladies take notice.
Jermaine Rogers Owner of JR's Barber Shop on the Westside of town always serving up the dope kuts to kats around the city.

Flash back from 04 I was Djing at Mattison's off & on. From (L-R) Frank da Zelek frm Buffalo NY, Shirt Kingz CEO Tommy Jackson, Cool Chuck, Keith Kita Rock, BKS, & Jermaine aka JR pose in this shot here. Yeah we done dat!!
My Man Lonnie aka L. Boogie looking Pen stripe Trilla  when Stepping Out in any part of the city..

BKS and L. Boog  Boss'in it up at the big Carolina vs Clemson game of 2012....

Devantay Smoove throws it up for the Camera...

1/3 of the BLVD Mob flexin in the booth at OnPoint Studios...

Dawg Face (A.N.D. M.C) is so Morris Day "COOL"

C.E.O. Mitchell Sims & the Wifey aka The Clean up Crew puttin work in National & Worldwide..Yeah he down wit Tuc..

Dj Trak Addict & His Road Crew Turnt Up..

Tha DUB Town Boyz in da house...Williamston yall!!

Greenville Rapper "Toney Tone" checkin in da "A"

My peoples Roy and Mark always supported me & I always will support dem back. Its all "Live" in da A.N.D. Baby!!!

Emcee Levi Stress Chi Town to A.N.D. hip hops finest, peep the Boom Box shirt. His record & Bio is on my site in "flash back" & the Greatest Misses section..Keep reppin Levi....

Dj Smash working out the Technics 1200's nuttin but tru skool flavor right there yall...

Kita Roc, Reggie and Pero having a good time at the Delta Theta Sigma Party..

Bumped into DJ Loud yall he's been making alot of noise around the city lately but then again he's not call  Loud for nothing folks...

Myself & Slick On da SS as Cory Sept pens his lyrics outside for a track in the back drop in front of OnPoint Productions..

My Lil Homies let me know they got my back & tell me make sure this pic goes on the site. Well its done yall!!

Don't let the preppy look fool ya, the A.N.D. heat spittin M.C. aka Da Luga is the truth in the Booth. Check his track out on the greatest misses page of the site, and you'll  see why for all you wack rappers he's Commin 4ya Head!!

Myself and Mr. Wiley pose for a quick Pic uptown in the A.N.D. one night.

M.C. Dawg Face  throws it up for the A.N.D. and  my long friend/ fellow A.N.D Ryder Mr. Nance pose for this shot.. These kats been down wit me since the 90's when I used to play summer cook outs..

Is it? Can it Be? Yes it is!! The one & only Five aka Fifty sneaks in the back drop for this shot with Dom Vlad of the S.C. Columbia Record Pool and a unnamed partner of his.

D.P.G. connects with the A.N.D... Daz Dillinger and Rapper Wes aka Inches represent in this shot.. To collab & get at Wes for bookings hit him up at or

Belton Rapper/Singer A.P out doing self promotion at the Jockey Lot..This brother is the living definition of the phrase "If you don't grind you don't shine".

Colin aka (Lex Tha Don) is the name you need to know if your're a recording artist in the A.N.D. He heads up  TBT Entertainment/SHoTime Mgmt he can get your brand popping in front of recording Celebs like Pastor Troy..Contact him for real Biz NO B.S. by cell @ (718) 635-0834 or F.B./Twitter..

True A.N.D. Players set Trends we never follow, that's our motto..KinG Boot shows how its done..
If U think this is just a random pose. THINK AGAIN!!! Im in the back of the original location of  '' Rainbow Records". Note the classic bumper stickers & record promo's dating back to the 90's..I bought hella records here..

Bumped into the A.N.D. HIP HOP Legend/ Icon TRON Pratt from the 80's Group "Break Down Academy" & he was instrumental in coining the name for the A.N.D.'s  90's Super Group "South Flock" folks. See the album cover on the "Back Down Memory Lane" page of this site.

Dj's just wanna have fun when not spinning & ensuring others have a good time when hanging out. DJ Jam One pictured (L) & DJ Flea (R) show exactly what I mean in this shot right here!!!

The Infamous Original Hustle Seurgio Cowan plays it Kool when chilling uptown on the A.N.D. scene.

A.N.D...Double S Vets (South Side) Meet up once again at the Anderson Flee Market aka the Jockey Lot..  Thats my man COOL P in black, we go back to shootin Ball at S.S. Park way back in the day.
My Partners/supporters Mark and Leon chilling on the "Southside" of A.N.D.  take a "Patron" break to pose with me at Onpoint!!

B-Love aka "Boxer" is fresh out and back on the streets..We go back to  Fulwer St. when I used to hang out every weekend wit da boyz N da southside Hood!!

Well known A.N.D. accomplished Singer/Song Writer/Drummer an a cherished friend of mine.. Fred Humphrey checks in downtown at the FOG..

The Summer of 2015 will be remembered as a period of unrest with the Charleston Church shootings and Rebel Flag removal off the State Capitol grounds that dominated our TV screens. I salute this group of A.N.D. activist demonstrating we do have a young socially conscience element in our communities. Fighting the Power  downtown Anderson for justice & change.

My hard-working friend Gi Gi reminds me of that LL COOL J song "Around the Girl" always working & smiling.(LOL)

Dj Master D and General Manager Horace Alexander of FM live at Southside Park aka Greenly Institute..

Me and Catrina C the 90's Hip Hop/R&B songstress I helped produce unite again for this pic. She looks better than ever folks.

Classic A.N.D. Jocks connect at the FOG posing for pics. DJ Nic and DJ Smash chillin together...

Leon da A.N.D. Hammer and Slick  enjoy his 2015  Friday nite Birthday Bash..(Slick's dat is.)

Dj Smash and I team up again to Play another super fly show...

Cousin Annie Small and daughter Heather along with my sister Margie enjoy an evening at South Side Park in 2015..

Dj Flea and Scientist at Flea's 2016 Birthday Celebration.

Lil Carlos-Fresh Out and staying so Fresh and so Clean. at least that's what he told me.(LOL)

Anderson TV and Film Actor Adam Minarovich from the TV series Walking Dead custom painted mural.

Sheldon always keeping the ladies smiling..

Comedian Frey Ford On Stage at 134 in downtown Anderson..



  2. What up Sis? Thanks for the love and right back at'cha, But one question whats sup with all the caps plez check your caps lock key you making me dizzy just reading it.(LOL) 9luv(divine luv) your baby brother Dj Tuc

  3. Thank you for all your support and wise guidence Im really grateful to have you as a true brother. Chris Breaktime Sports Bar and Grill

  4. D.J. Tuc.COM. One of the true pioneers of Hip-Hop. Doing this since vinyl. D.I.T.C. Real heads know what that means. Because It's Just In You.

    Dom Vlad

    1. Dom Vlad-ddddd means(CRP)Columbia Records Pool is in the House baby!!! No I need to salute U playa for all your support & dropping my name down in the 803..Much Luv brotha fosho!!!

  5. this correseptic sending a shout out to my nigga dj tuc look out for the new album coming very soon i got beats for the low 10 of yo choice for 50 holla at me corry jones on facebook and number 864 305 9418

    1. Don't sleep on Corresptic's production work one of the city's top emcee's is crazy dope on production, Much respect sept U are a true vet.....

  6. This P-Noyd (keep up the good work my nigga

    1. What up Noyd!!! keep grindin show'em how we do it in da A.N.D.

  7. The ya boy Devantay swang droppin by to support my man page and to say i salute my man and his work. stay up. one.

  8. D.J TUCC. My Brotha and Friend (Keep doing ya thang bro)

    1. Miami aka South florida checking in Dade County what up jarrad I kno who U be partner. Good looking, glad U like the site 4real....

  9. This is L Booogie!!! Tucc keep grinding and putting us local folk on the map bruh!!! I try to hold it down for the home team. Bless You my Brother!!

  10. whats up Anderson SC this your boy Tyronne Pearson check me out on mad weseals comedy songs "all cracks & crack boy" if you want me in a video contact Mad Weasel on Facebook!!! Peace Out Tuc remember U from back in the days hustling movies...(LOL)

  11. This is Dj FlyGuy here to let you know that you are on the number 1 music site. Stay tuned for a new mix droppin soon by yours truly. Making love to your ears.Always in the mix, And always stay true to the game. The Universal language of the world. MUSIC !!!!!!!!!!

  12. This is Mr. Nance and I would like to say what's up to the AND I love my city!

  13. To the love of my life!!!!!! Keep doing wat u always luv to do and keep shining for the A.N.D I got nothing but 9luv 4ya. 2+7=( ) lol


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