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About a week ago a monumental historical moment occurred for the city of Anderson within the field of entertainment. It should have been blasted in the local newspaper and or on the local TV channels in my opinion but it was not. Why? Because the urban independent movie Child $upport was a first to be written, produced, filmed, and edited here locally in the “ Electric City ” of Anderson, SC or the A.N.D. as we call it. The company P&W films ( Pond & Wideman ) were finally recognize for their production of the critically acclaimed featured full length reality based film. They and the starring cast were honored in Atlanta, GA with a Hollywood styled red carpet gala on the silver screen at the Landmark Theater Mid-Town Cinema o n June 17, 2014 . This was a first class premiere no doubt about it judging from these elegant fantastic pictures though I personally was unable to attend. I would like to thank and credit Step Skylatics from , Scram, Joan Willing

A BiG Salute in Memorandum To Brandon "Jugg Money" Willingham

First of all I would like to send and extend the warmest of condolences to all the friends, fans and family of Brandon ( Jugg Money ) Willingham during this time of bereavement. I felt within my soul to make this small contribution in his honor just to let others know how he impacted me from afar though I never got around to meeting the young brother. As the chief editor & writer of this website/blog and coming from the same streets of the A.N.D . early in my music/Dj Career in the 90’s I can identify empathize with how hard it is to get  people from your very own city, in which you rep to get behind you and support your music. I don’t condone all the messages put out in this new generation of rap artist but I overstand that art is a reflection of life from an individual’s own personal perspective and vice versa. Basically our young artist are the CNN’s of every neighborhood from every city, state and trap spots reporting what they encounter on a routine or daily basis thr