About a week ago a monumental historical moment occurred for the city of Anderson within the field of entertainment. It should have been blasted in the local newspaper and or on the local TV channels in my opinion but it was not. Why? Because the urban independent movie Child $upport was a first to be written, produced, filmed, and edited here locally in the “Electric City” of Anderson, SC or the A.N.D. as we call it. The company P&W films (Pond & Wideman) were finally recognize for their production of the critically acclaimed featured full length reality based film. They and the starring cast were honored in Atlanta, GA with a Hollywood styled red carpet gala on the silver screen at the Landmark Theater Mid-Town Cinema on June 17, 2014. This was a first class premiere no doubt about it judging from these elegant fantastic pictures though I personally was unable to attend. I would like to thank and credit Step Skylatics from Skylatics.com, Scram, Joan Willingham and the many others who attended to help represent & make this event a success. If I made any errors in names or spellings please contact me immediately and I will correct them pronto. Everyone enjoy the beautiful pictures and ladies that were shot on location for that star studded evening.. Peace Da A.N.D. Representa… Dj Tuc     please note: I take no credit for shooting any of these pics also click to enlarge any photo.. As always feed back is welcome in the comments sections..


People inside the Theater viewing the movie on the Big screen..


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