A BiG Salute in Memorandum To Brandon "Jugg Money" Willingham

First of all I would like to send and extend the warmest of condolences to all the friends, fans and family of Brandon (Jugg Money) Willingham during this time of bereavement. I felt within my soul to make this small contribution in his honor just to let others know how he impacted me from afar though I never got around to meeting the young brother. As the chief editor & writer of this website/blog and coming from the same streets of the A.N.D. early in my music/Dj Career in the 90’s I can identify empathize with how hard it is to get  people from your very own city, in which you rep to get behind you and support your music. I don’t condone all the messages put out in this new generation of rap artist but I overstand that art is a reflection of life from an individual’s own personal perspective and vice versa. Basically our young artist are the CNN’s of every neighborhood from every city, state and trap spots reporting what they encounter on a routine or daily basis through their art (music). To all my readers with open minds please remember that one fact, to avoid making the mistake of sanctimoniously judging our young folks merely based on their appearance and the views they espouse on records, music videos and so forth. They are only reporting what they see be it on the streets,in movies, video games, MTV, BET award shows portrayed to them as urban culture etc. 

Jugg Promoting for the Mona Lisa Record with Mad Hatter..


Jugg Money pictured here with Boosie Bad Azz formerly known as Lil Boosie..

Jugg Money and Prince Keels were building a huge buzz and a brand around the A.N.D. which from my own personal experience in the A.N.D. music grind is very difficult to do. The promoter/manager from Clemson & the players from Hi-way 24 had concocted a formula that was clearly working effectively forcing the whole city to take notice. Knowing how hard it can be too do this successfully they both should be saluted on that achievement by itself. I salute you Prince Keels & Jugg Money!! Everywhere I went around the city I would hear the name "Jugg Money performing live somewhere" as a matter of fact this is how I met MS.RKAYB after watching the “Teach you how to Jugg” video. In her article which is still posted on this site I commented about Jugg Money being an up & coming new artist. His relentless nonstop commitment to pushing his music from the A.N.D. to the ATL is to be admired and exemplified his dedication to fulfilling his dream in hopes to one day take care of his mother and family. His cousin Carlos Willingham which whom I work with would always keep me updated saying “Tuc come check out this video of Jugg performing live” here and there. Jugg’s hard work & drive at the tender age of twenty yrs. old is to be commended and makes it oh so even more tragic for him to have been taken so soon from us. He had an incredible amount of potential which he showcased at such an early age to make his dream a reality. I’ve met entrepreneurs much older that didn’t have the fortitude Jugg had & it’s a very necessary attribute required to be successful in the entertainment business period.

Entertainment Promoters/ Managers Prince Keels at  "Left"  and King Earl at (" Right".)

I met Prince Keels and King Earl sometime last summer when they were doing promotion work for Break Time Sports Bar & Grill. They were both down to earth laid back & said they had heard of me and I replied in-kind, so shouts out to them for their tireless promo work of various artist such as bringing us Jugg Money and others. This is just a small contribution from me to help celebrate the life and impact Jugg had made on me and the rest of the city. He will not be forgotten & his video will remain in my top all city videos page of this site. R.I.P. To Brandon “Jugg Money” Willingham for you have cemented your name in the A.N.D.’s Hip Hop and Rap Music legacy of this city.  They call me the A.N.D. Representa……Peace, Love, and Knowledge of Self. Entertaining, Educating and Informing I live what I talk, I am an example too others and our youth. I am Dj Tuc… Please check out his last Official video entitled "Mona Lisa" with rapper Madd Hatter produced by SiLo Vision Media folks. Leave comments below if you like. As always each one teach one......


  1. thanks for showing love to my cuzo tuc keep up the good work yo boi los

  2. No problem Los we A.N.D. Vets are suppose to recognize our own & set the example for these young kats that are coming up. Its Time for a change. The Madd Hatter video where Jugg wears the african egyptian "King Tut T-Shirt" will forever be stamped in my mind. In my opinion that was a Jugg Classic..

  3. DJ T- Rock Hanging Out With My Home Boy DJ Tuc From The AND. R.I.P. Jugg Money 1 Luv

  4. R.I.P. my nigga Jugg Money only cooled with ya twice but, one of the realist niggas I ever met & got mad flow & love bro. Definitely put AND on the map Dmo Da King

  5. I miss Jugg so much Rap in Paradise baby boi

  6. This is a great write up in my opinion. I am very saddened by the loss of lil Brandon aka "Jugg Money" Being from the Up State makes this even harder to deal with. So much of our talents have been lost to the streets. It's totally unnecessary. We have more technology today, more degrees and access to education than our for fathers did 100 years ago, yet we have not advanced. We have actually went backwards. At least a hundred yrs ago, they were killing us now it's us against us. SMH We need right knowledge, right education and for parents to start being responsible adults who discipline their children and install in them that a life is priceless and that love covers all. R.I.P. Jugg Money ...can hardly believe lil Brandon is gone

  7. BiG Willie aka Will Smith good looking out Bro in the comments section,Thanks for dropping some knowledge on our readers & I will always help you keep the platinumbpm.com (your baby) brand alive. I will also check out the new artist talent you emailed me, he better be GOOD the way you were talking!!!!!!!(LOL) Peace Tuc

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