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The A.N.D.'s Greatest Misses Vol. 2.6 Set to Release September 25..

    A.N.D.'s Greatest Misses will be available 9/25 at my podcast below   For those unfamiliar with the A.N.D.’s Greatest Misses franchise its simply a concept I borrowed and morphed into an authentic TruSkool Dj Mixtape format( meaning where the dj is actually mixing & or blending the songs ) that features prominent, obscure and unsung recording artist and their music uncensored in its original released format from the city of Anderson. The featured records I showcased throughout the mix were not huge commercial successes considered in the industry as chart topping hits, but were solid productions just the same only without the big budget promotions . My attempt is always to aide and highlight various artist and their musical styles from around the city of Anderson South Carolina spanning over the last few decades or so, new school artist and veterans alike. Those that have contributed in helping to make substantial impacts in shaping this city’s urban mus

Will The City Of Anderson Acquiesce For Our Own Hometown Super-Hero...Chadwick Boseman?

  ANDERSON, S.C. – A petition that has over 2,000 signatures is calling to replace a Confederate statue in Anderson, South Carolina, with a statue of recently-passed Chadwick Boseman.             Boseman, the famed actor in "Black Panther" and "42" about Jackie Robinson, among many other movies, died on Friday at age 43 from colon cancer, but he was born and raised in Anderson. The petition reads out multiple instances of Boseman using his fame to help his community, including in Anderson. "Upon the release of his film Black Panther, Mr. Boseman took it upon himself to rent out a theatre in his home town of Anderson South Carolina to show t

The Best 4th Of July Was On The Fifth! (Here's Why)

  (Post Holiday Op-Ed) Fourth of July speeches tend to divide into two sorts. The predominant variety is celebratory, and prescriptive—solemnized, as John Adams predicted in 1776, “ with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other .” But in his exuberance, Adams failed to anticipate that the Fourth, as it brought Americans together, would continually threaten to tear them apart. As it is currently doing today by-the-way. Over the years, celebrations of the Fourth have become a periodic tug of war between commemorations designed to affirm and even enforce the common identity of Americans— out of many, one —and subversive pushback from those unruly enough to insist that we are not all free, emphatically not all equal, and certainly not one. For further evidence of this just look what this country has experienced as of this first-half of this 2020 year. But by the Declaration’s 50 th a

The Dj and COVID 19--Navigating Shifting Times (Op-Ed)

Pandemic Ready Yet TruSkool Always Shouts go out to all those who support and respect real TruSkool Dj-ing, my love goes out to any and all affected. I’m conscious of how the COVID-19 virus has impacted the entertainment and hospitality industries hard. These are in most cases hard working people, and it's really upsetting. Here in da A.N.D. (Anderson .S.C) we're in a government-mandated  statewide curfew like so many others throughout the U.S. and abroad.  So as I pen this from my sofa, the brand djtuc999 will continue on at home & online. This means dope TruSkool DJ mixes for TruSkool music fans worldwide on my platform. will continue to released vintage mixes while will continue to serve the urban music sector of South East Anderson. To my die hard supporters you will still be able to book me & stay informed on events through my app, when & if things ever get back to normal. Let's try to be optimistic shal

Mumble Free Pt.2 Is a Hit---SKILLZ ARE BACK IN 2020!!!

BREAKING : The New Mumble Free Dj MixTape Released 1/10/20 ( Downloads steadily increase In Only 24hrs ) Mumble Free Pt.2 (Skillz & Bars) Mix ( Explicit Lyrics Mature Audiences Only ) is the long-awaited sequel & second installment that is dedicated to TruSkool fans of real Hip Hop worldwide. This time I take you on a roller-coaster ride with notable hip hop icons who release new dope tracks yet as usual got no mainstream love on these so-called new hip hop shows or disregarded by a lot of this new plethora of offbeat non-mixing mumble rap Dj’s.   Dj Tuc Summer 2019 I also unleashed a couple of joints from dope up and coming new conscience artist that are presently making a lot of noise reviving the art of lyrical & poetic skills in Upstate SC. Metcalf The God and Selah Blak Sol . Of course, I delivered classic hip hop gems here & there from the golden era throughout the duration of this mix. In conclusion this almost an hour & a half long ride