The Dj and COVID 19--Navigating Shifting Times (Op-Ed)

Pandemic Ready Yet TruSkool Always

Shouts go out to all those who support and respect real TruSkool Dj-ing, my love goes out to any and all affected. I’m conscious of how the COVID-19 virus has impacted the entertainment and hospitality industries hard. These are in most cases hard working people, and it's really upsetting.

Here in da A.N.D. (Anderson .S.C) we're in a government-mandated  statewide curfew like so many others throughout the U.S. and abroad. 

So as I pen this from my sofa, the brand djtuc999 will continue on at home & online. This means dope TruSkool DJ mixes for TruSkool music fans worldwide on my platform. will continue to released vintage mixes while will continue to serve the urban music sector of South East Anderson. To my die hard supporters you will still be able to book me & stay informed on events through my app, when & if things ever get back to normal. Let's try to be optimistic shall we.

  Let's All Hope We Make It Through
In terms of what is happening, as Dj's are artist and entertainers let's try keeping busy by sharpening our skills at home by taking this time to practice. Good Dj's are smart Dj's both know the importance of practice. Mediocre Dj's...well you can always tell when they spin who doesn't really invest time in their perspective craft. FACTS! 

To each his or her own.

  My idea is to provide you with resources, content, sound advice, as well as other useful and entertaining music to get you through. Off the bat, I have created a cool platform for today's conventional digital Dj's & us TruSkool Dj's to present their art by streaming right from my platform.

Here's what we're working on now, and there's more to come.

  • Getting your name out there. We'll give you some pointers on how to maximize your creative energy online from how to release mixes and music onto  social media's using the most effective marketing practices.

  • Working with Lyndon's Art Academy School. As you can imagine, a lot of people are looking to learn or improve their skills and learn classic Dj techniques at the moment via online classes. I'm personally going to ensure you get everything you need via my decades of experience.

  • Entertaining your audience. Because bars, clubs, and festivals are not happening at the moment, it's important to stay engaged with your audience. At the moment a lot of Dj's are popping up online mixing live on social media right out of their bedrooms. Very popular yet I plan on addressing that and other things to help you with that if this pandemic continues into the summer.

  • Entertaining yourself. Don't forget to have fun while all this is going on. Our Red Velvet Cafe team will be launching some cool new competitions as well as useful content to help you through. My partner Kevin Norris and I have some fantastic ideas we plan on revealing in the aftermath of this unprecedented pandemic.

Once again, we're really feeling for the artistic creative community at the moment. But we can get through this together, through kindness, dope skills, and the power of music.

Peace Out and Hope You & your family Stay Safe

Sincerely Dj Tuc da A.N.D. Representa
Creator of the brand Djtuc999
Headquartered in Anderson, S.C.


  1. This is a great read. Very positive and optimistic-full of hope. It's grind time.

    1. Thanks niece for always supporting me & this TruSkool Dj craft. Love Ya Always..


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